Chapter 13

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I woke up to people yelling my name "ABBY" "ABBY" "ABBY" they were all yelling.

"what?" I asked annoyed.

"hurry up we're going to six flags in an hour," Cameron explained he was like a brother to me not including Will, Nash, and Hayes.

"Ok I'm up," I said sitting up I looked around and saw all the boys and Mahogany and Bella ick If you can't tell I don't like her. I don't think anybody likes her.

"Ok I need to get ready so if this isn't your room, GET OUT." I said yelling the last part and shooing everybody out.

I took a quick shower then changed into a grey oversized sweater that hangs off the shoulder ialso put on a coral bandaeu, coral shorts, and white high top converse. I grabbed my phone and put 20 dollars in the case. And met everyone in Matt and Hayes room and we left.

We decided to walk to six flags well me, taylor, shawn, Aaron, hayes and bella walked the rest rode there penny boards. I was walking and me and Taylor were arguing about unicorns being rule and that shit when Bella aka Booba lol I laughed at myself and my thoughts so back to Bella she interrupted us "

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