Chapter 16

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I had went back to sleep after Nash came in to talk to me and when I woke back up it was 4:13 and we had to be at dinner at 6 I ha about an hour and a half to get ready. I got into the shower and wahed my hair, shaved, and then I completely covered myself in the Bath and Body Works Lush Pink body wash, what I want to make a good impression on these people because since so many people are watching a person who has alot of power in the dance world could be watching. I got out of the shower and since my hair is naturally curly I just left it in loose curls because today it actually looked good for once but i will go back and fix it up a little later. I then did my makeup. First I curled my lashes then I put on my volumizing mascara it actually works, and I did a thicker layer of eyeliner but not too thick and I winged it out, then I did a light smokey eye. After I was done with my eyes I moved onto my lips all I did was put on some pink lipstick and because my skin is naturally really clear I just put on a little bb cream and powder. After makeup I got dressed into a blue and white floral skirt, and a black tight fitted crop top, I then put on some black heels and grabbed my Michael Korrs purse (its a knockoff Im not that rich) and my phone. I went back to my hair and curled a couple strands that didnt look that good. After I got ready and I felt presentable I went back to the actual room and I saw Mahogany looking beautiful as always she squeeled when she saw me and run up to me and attacked my into a bone crushing hug.

"Oh My God you look so hot like this your brothers are going to be so mad when all of the boys are drooling over you, " she yelled with alot of excitement.

"Girl look who's talking you look absolutely stunning," I said looking at her in awe she really did look amazing. Her hair was in her natural gorgeous curls and she had on her normal makeup look too, but her dress was absolutely amazing it was a black lace tight fitted dress and she was wearing some black heels with studs on them.

"Awe thanks Abs," she said using her and the boys new nickname for me.

"We should probably head over to the boys room so we are not late too the meeting," I said as we started to head over. When we got there all of the boys were goofing around as always so I decided to text Camila since I mean I slept over at her house and I still hadn't texted her all today.

Text massage: A = Abby and C= Camila

A= hey girlie

C= hey whats shakin' bacon

A= haha dont say that ever again, and im good, what about you?

C=haha and im good so far the move is working out great we found a georgous house for sale in LA and my mom is probably going to buy so we are flying out in a week so we can look at it

A= thats great text me with updates all the time do you know where the house is cause there is a house for sale across the street from me

C= really I hope its the same house and one sec im going to see where the house is

C= ok im back and the house 123 on Apple Street (totally just made that up)

A= OMG really that is right next door to me this cannot be real

C= OMG this is amazing

"Guys bart texted its time to go," Taylor yelled and we all got up and started to leave.

A=hey i got to go to dinner but I will talk to you later bye.

*Text message convo over *

We were all in the car oh and by the way evrybody new that I was back they all asked me about it earlier and I explained everything Hayes wasnt in the room then and now that I realize it hes not here right now.

"Guys where is Hayes," I asked looking at everyone they all seemed pretty shocked that I had shown any interest.

"I'm suprised you care, and also he's in his room he didn't want to come today so I told him I would tell him everything that is important and would need to know," Nash said.

"Oh I was just wondering I fell bad about what I said to him the other night," I said and I wasn't lying I have been feeling really guilty lately.

"Ok well after dinner you can go and talk to him and settle everything out," Nash said at me with a sympathetic face And I just looked out the window for the rest of the ride their. We got to the restaurant and we saw all of the Magcon people waiting at the table, we all sat down and ordered everyone was talking about the next Magcon tour and I was just talking to Shawn and Aaron they were really cool I never really got to know them or come to think about it I never really got to get close to any of the guys other than my brothers, Cam and Taylor.

The meeting was finally over and we headed back to the hotel when we got there I rushed up to Hayes' room, and the sight that I saw was frightening.

Haha cliffhanger so I want to know if any of you guys have ideas and how you guys share liking the book and if you have any suggestions put them in the comments below 👇🏼


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