Chapter 4

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I woke up to sunlight streaming through my windows I got up and realized that I was still in my bathing suit. I went to take a shower, after I was done with my shower I got dressed into a black skater dress with a brown belt around my waist,and my white high top converse. I just left my hair in its loose brown curls with a tie dye bow. I was planning on going shopping and just exploring LA. I skipped downstairs and made us all pancakes since I was the only one up I mean it was 7. I ate mine and left a note saying that I was somewhere in LA and that I had my phone, and I grabbed my wallet and pastel blue penny board and left. I penny boarded to the mall and went into Tillys first I got 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 3 skater skirts, 4 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of converse and 2 pairs of vans. Then I went to hollister, forever21, Abercrombie and Fitch, Charrlotterusse , hot topic, and Aeropostale. I was stocking up for the summer as I like to say it. I was finally done and it was 10 I went to the food court and got a frapechino at Starbucks. When I was done I penny boarded back to the house and dropped off my stuff and still nobody was up so I decided to wake up Hayes I put some his shaving cream that he dosen't need or use in my hand and pulled out my phone "smack cam" I whispered and then I smacked him he bolted up and tackled me "why would you do that to me I thought we were twins?" he said over dramatically. "We are twins trust me On that one and I wanted to see if you wanted to come with me to explore LA." I explained. "Yeah let me get ready," he said and he walked off to his bathroom to shower him being the stupid person he is left his phone on his nightstand . I hacked on his Instagram and posted a selfie of me and commented "hacked by the twin" on it and then went to Twitter and tweeted "I like to eat my poop P.S. Abby is the bestest twin ever." I instantly got lots of likes and comments on both. I then went to fix my makeup since I had whip cream on my face. Once I was done I went back into Hayes's room to see him just finishing getting ready and then we were off. We were just riding around town when we saw a Starbucks we both went in and ordered than went to sit at a table in the back hoping nobody would recognize us. "Two Caramel Frappechinos for Hayes and Abby" the lady said we went up only to be met by like 10 screams "its Hayes and Abby Grier" they screamed we looked at eachother and ran out the door and we jumped on our penny boards and started riding they were probably chasing us for about 10 minutes before they gave up. We started to ride normally again. "What time is it?" I asked Hayes "12:30" he said checking his phone "We should head back," he said I nodded and we headed back. When we got to the house it was really quiet which was unusual I went into the kitchen to get food while Hayes went into the living room to see if they left a note as I was eating ice cream I noticed that there now was two sticky notes on the counter I read the one that I didn't write it said "hey twinnies me and cam left for a little meet up we should be back at two or three see ya then bye, Nash" I then finished my ice cream and went to

The living room to see Hayes watching some stupid show "Hey Hayes, Nash and Cam are at a meet up and they should be back around three," "ok thanks," he said and continued to watch his show," I went to my room and changed into my fusion dance shirt (that's where she does dance) ,my dance sweatpants and I put my hair into a high ponytail. I decided I felt like baking so I went downstairs and got my ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. I turned on music and Shake It Off by Taylor Swift came on I was dancing around the kitchen and I put the cookies in the oven and I went to the living room. I saw that Hayes was on his phone and he wasn't even paying attention to the tv before you could say apples I grabbed the remote and turned the tv to spongebob, what they say I'm 14 but I think I'm 4. Hayes barely even noticed the show change. I watched sponge bob until the oven dinged I went to get the cookies and put them on a plate to cool. A couple minutes later I went to get the cookies and I brought them in for me and Hayes to eat. When Hayes saw me his eyes practically bulged out of his head "You made cookies your the best sister ever," he screamed and hugged me before he started shoving his face with cookies I had a couple but not a ton I left a couple for Nash and Cam and me and Hayes continued to watch sponge bob cuddling it wasn't wierd for us we were really close we had to share a bed as kids because our mom was only expecting Hayes. We eventually fell asleep.

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