Chapter 11

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I woke up and hopped into the shower I then got out and changed into a daisy printed dress, an army jacket, black combat boots, white ruffly socks that went about an inch above my boot, Once my hair was dry I curled my hair and pulled a little bit back on both sides with a black bow.

Once I was done getting ready I went downstairs to get breakfast oh and if incase your wondering about Brendan I found out he was using me for my brothers fame so yeah. I got in the elevator and a girl ran in and she looked like she was about to burst from happiness she had a huge smile inner face and she was practically jumping up and down.

"Omg," she said

"your Abby Grier,"

"yes I am," I replied giggling.

"Can I please have a picture," she asked

"of course," I responded we then took a really cute selfie.

"Are you going to magcon," I asked her

"Yes i am me and my two sisters are dragging our brother with us oh by the way I'm Amber and I'm 16," she said.

The elevator doors then opened and we both went our separate ways after saying bye. I walked into the breakfast place and see everybody eating at one big table and big woop there were like 15 girls outside waiting to get pictures. I had to have Hayes come and get me because the security guards thought I was a fan. I joined everybody eating and we were all quickly done so after taking pictures with the small group of girls outside we all headed out to the place where they hold Magcon.

We got to the magcon and there was so many people there already and the met and greet didn't start for an hour and a half.

After playing on my phone for like 45 minutes I went to walk around and explore.

While walking around I bumped into someone.

"Oh hey I'm so sorry," a male voice said I looked up and saw a really really cute boy. Isn't this how I always run into cute guys I actually run into them. I laughed at my thought.

"Here let me help you up," he said extending his hand I gladly took it.

"Thanks," I said smiling

"So what's your name?" He asked me smiling too.

"Abby and what's yours?" I asked biting my lip to keep from smiling so hard my face would burst.

"Oh my god Ashton there you are we looked everywhere for you," three girls yelled running over here then I realized it was Amber and two other girls.

"Oh my god Abby is that you?" She yelled "do you two know eachother?"

"Yeah we just met," I replied smiling and looked at Ashton and he looked annoyed.

"So who are you guys," I asked the other two girls "I'm April and I'm 18 and she's Ali she's 14 her and Ashton are twins," April explained.

"That's cool I got to go now the meet and greet is about to start but here's my number I want to hang out with all of you afterwards," I said giving them my phone number and walked away to start.

Hey so I have been having really bad writers block so if you have ANY and I mean ANY ideas leave them in the comments and I PROMISE that I will incorporate them into the story.

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