Chapter 7

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I woke up to my alarm going off I got up and saw that it was 1 in the morning I got up and got in the shower. I got out and put on a white crop top, PINK sweatshirt, black leggings, and my black UGG's. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on concealer, powder, and mascara. I grabbed my suitcase and backpack with my phone, macbook, headphones, hairbrush, makeup bag, and a notebook and pen incase I get any inspiration or just feel like doodling.
I went downstairs to see that the boys were all still sleeping. I decided to be a nice person and make them juice boxes haha you thought I was making breakfast but no I can't without burning the house down. once I was done arranging the juice boxes in the shape MC for Magcon I got two frying pans and started banging them together repeatedly until all the guys were down here looking very angry "we all have a plane to catch in an hour and it's a 45 minute drive so get your juicy box and LETS GO!!!" I said screaming the last part they all gave me a weird look "you can either have a house and juice box or breakfast and a burned house," I explained then they all grabbed their juice boxes and ran upstairs to get their stuff and get dressed.
About 5 minutes later we were all driving to the airport. I put in my earbuds in and Amnesia by 5sos came on it is such a good song. We finally got to the airport and we all ran out of the car and ran in to bag check once we got through we ran to see are plane was still boarding we all boarded the plane and say down I was next to Hayes who was seated in the middle and Nash was in the aisle seat, both Jack's and Matt were behind us, Cameron, Carter and Taylor were across from us and I don't know where the other guys were. I put my earphones in and rested my head on Hayes shoulder and fell asleep "Abby," "Abby," "ABBY" someone said shaking me I still refused to get up it was quiet for a few seconds then I was lifted up I opened my eyes and saw that Nash was carrying me "Nash get your butt out of my face," I said "get your face out of my butt," he replied rather loudly and people were starting to give us weird looks the boys were all laughing. I looked at them and then went back to sleep.
I woke up and I was in Nash's lap in the limo I sat up and leaned back in my seat still a little tired "Aww look sleeping beauty finale woke up," said Taylor laughing I just put in my earbuds and tuned them all out. We finally got to the hotel and it was surrounded by screaming girls. "ok who tweeted where we were staying?" Asked Cameron Matt slowly raised his hand and looked down in shame we all just laughed at him. Security guards came to the car and escorted us to the lobby and let me just say it was gorgeous Cameron came back and told us who we were rooming with it was Cameron and Nash, Matt and Hayes, Taylor and Carter, Jack G and Jack J, Jacob and Aaron, Brent and Shawn and Me and Mahogany. We all got to our room and unpacked. When I finished unpacking I went down to the lobby to explore the hotel.
I was looking around not really paying attention when I bumped into someone and fell over "I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy," they apologized I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy ever "it's ok it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going," I replied "My name's Brendan," he said "Abby," I said still sitting on the floor "here let me help you up," he said offering his hand I smiled and stood up. We got to know eachother and soon it was 3 o clock and Hayes texted me to meet the guys in the room cause we were going to lunch "I have to go bye," I said "wait can I get your number," he asked "of corse its (123) 456-7890," I told him as he typed it into his phone. "thanks," he said "welcome and bye," I said "bye," he said and I walked over to the elevator. I got out of the elevator and before I could even get to the door I heard tons of yelling I walked in and nobody noticed "EVERYBODY SHUT UP," I yelled and everybody stopped talking "why is everybody yelling," I asked "we were arguing which was better Taco Bell or Arizona," I gave them a seriously shut the fuck up look. "Why are you guys arguing now let's got to... Taco Bell and get lunch," I said walking out the door.
We got back from Taco Bell and we were all hanging out in mine and Mahogany's room when my phone went off I saw that it was a text from Brendan it said "hey I was wondering if you wanted to get Starbucks tomorrow at 2," was he asking me out, does he like me, do I like him all those thoughts were swarming through my head I replied with "sure I'd love to," I had a big smile plastered on my face. All the guys were looking at me strangely "who were you texting?" Jack J asked smirking "no one just a friend," I responded rather quickly. The guys all muttered ok but Nash and Hayes knew something was up.
We just finished dinner and decided to make a video. We were in Nash and Cameron's room and decided to do an ask video so we tweeted #askmagcon (sorry I couldn't think of anything better) it was soon trending worldwide so we started the video "hey guys it's Cameron, Nash, Jack J, Jack G, Matt, Carter, Taylor, Brent, Shawn, Jacob, Aaron, Mahogany, Hayes" everyone said naming theirselves off "and we have a special guest here my little sister Abby" said Nash and I bounced onto the bed "hi guys," I said "Ok first question is from @hayesgrierisbae it says "are Abby and Hayes dating?" We looked at eachother and bursts out laughing "were twins," I explained. then laughed we soon finished the video and all fell asleep.

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