Chapter 17

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I walked in and what I saw scared me, it was Hayes and he hwas just a lump of sheets in the bed and let me tell you he did not look good. There was clothes all over the room and only a couple food wrappers I hope he has been eating.

"Hayes, you ok?" I asked even though I already know the answer to that question. I knew he was hurt from what I had said I mean it was a hard topic for him the last time I said it um lets just said some bad things happened.


"Well then I guess I'm not your twin," I said. I slammed the door to his room and to think it was all over the fact that I wanted him to come to my dance recital that happened every year instead of his lacrosse game that happened every weekend. I walked into my room and every thing seemed dizzy all that yelling had caused me to get really light headed so I just decided to sleep even though it was only like 4 in the afternoon.

I woke up to the sound of crying coming from our bathroom I checked the time and it was 12:30. I walked into the bathroom to see Hayes sitting on the floor with a razor in his hand he was about to cut "Hayes NO dont do that please just please I am so so sorry I love you so so much." I said while ripping the razor out of his hand and hugging him like he was a baby. "I know Abby im so sorry for almost cutting I love you too so so much and if you want ill come to your recital im so sorry for overreacting," he said apologizing and I felt so bad for him he was such a mess. "Its ok Hayes and thank you." I said.

*Flashback over*

That day was so terrible i always had felt guilty for it and thinking back at it that dance recital sucked ass because I wouldn't stop thinking about Hayes and i was completely distracted. I feel so bad right now I knew how much that had hurt him and I feel so bad right now. Also theres not much I can do.

"No im not ok Abby leave now," he said/yelled at me. He was starting to become depressed again I know it I just hope that its not as bad as it used to be. I decided to give Hayes some space because most of the time hes just mad and needs some time to cool off. So I just decided to shower then sleep.

Hey guys im so so sorry that this is short im having major writers block so I need new fresh ideas because im clearly out of them. And im so sorry that I havent been updating lately but with school ending Im really trying to bring my grades up because I really need good grades. So ya comment ideas please. Bye.


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