Chapter 22

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I woke up from my little nap by the beach and decided to head back to the hotel. It was 4 already I guess it wasn't just a little nap. I went into my hotel room and nobody was there i went to the fridge and saw that there was a note on the fridge of course they knew that the first place I would go would be the fridge. It said that they all went to some  do a small meet up for better publicity idk why Bart's a loon (we all know it's true😂) I changed into a pair of Nike pros and a dance hoodie, you know represent y'all!! And I decided to watch Netflix because that is my life. 

I was halfway into my episode of Glee (the best show ever) when all the guys stormed into the room shouting, they all spread out across the room and started making fun of my show. So i let them decide what to watch, i zoned out and went to my suitcase to find Phillip, he's my unicorn stuffed animal and he's life I decided to  just put in some earbuds and listen to music because there currently watching some random show. I was sitting upside down in a chair listening to music and my head resting on Phillip when I started to fall asleep. I woke up about 3 hours later and everyone was playing truth or dare so i walked over and sat next to Nash and decided to join. Nash pulled me into his lap he always treats me like I'm 2. i was listening but they all probably thought i wasn't because I heard Taylor ask Hayes 

"Whats the farthest base you've eve gone with a girl?" Me being me i was clueless i mean i knew he basic idea but not all of them so I looked it up without letting anyone see of course and let me just say oh my god. I tuned back into the conversation just in time to hear Hayes say 3rd base. 

"Ew! I did not need to know that," hiding my head in Phillip. All the guys were dying of laughter and Hayes was a cherry red. 

"Wait how do you know what that means?" Taylor asked and everybody looked at me curiously and Nash gave me the look and said, 

"Yeah Abby how do you know that means?" 

"Who knows what anything means, who knows anything, what if were all just one persons dream?" I said babbling on as I got up and walked to the door and then i ran out the door. But then I realized I had no where to disappear to so I walked back in and they all looked at me smirking. 

"I have no where to go," i said and went back to the circle waiting for everyone to finish laughing at my crazyness. 

"Hayes your turn," carter said once everyone had calmed down. 

"Abby," he said turning to me smirking.

"Shit." I cursed 

"LANGUAGE!" Nash yelled covering my mouth. 

"Truth or Dare?" he asked 

"Im feeling bold so dare,"i said. 

" Go outside to the pool in a bathing suit and get 5 different guys numbers," 

"kk" i said grabbing a black triangle swimsuit top and black bottoms going into the bathroom to change 

 i came out minutes later and walked right outside to the pool.  

*10 minutes later*

"Done," i said walking back into the room 

"wheres the proof?" Taylor asked eyeing me suspiciously 

"right here," i said showing him the 5 new contacts all labeled guy #1-5 

"good job I'm proud of you little sis," Hayes said as i pulled on a random one of Hayes shirts which made it look like i wasn't wearing pants but they all new i was. 

"Ok Gilinsky truth or dare?" 

"truth the look on your face is telling me that i shouldn't choose dare," he said and i laughed at his comment 

" um, have Johnson do your makeup and you have to keep it that way for the rest of the game." i said going to the bathroom getting my makeup. 

*After Gilinsky gets his makeup done and many questions* 

"Abby, we haven't tortured you in a while truth or dare," Cameron said

"truth," i responded 

"whats the most recent lie you told?" he asked 

"the random numbers i had to get yeah i just went to the pool wrote random numbers into my phone put them in as contacts and told you guys that i actually did the dare," i said laughing at my cleverness 

"What unfair!" they all yelled laughing 

"I know i outsmarted you all," i said very proud of myself 

We decided to end truth or dare after Aaron had to run through the halls in only his underwear screaming "I'm superman," Gilinsky getting his makeup done, Nash having to put ice in his pants and having to tell how his first girlfriend was using him (i still feel bad for him), and Johnson and Shawn having to have a rap battle you all know who won that one. We all decided just to go to sleep because it was 3 am. 

Hey guys I'm so so so so so sorry it took so log to finally publish. School is just so overwhelming but I'm going on a trip next week so ill try to update when I'm on the plane and in the airport and such. Please leave comments of what you think should happen and i don't really want to have her like any of the boys because its just such a big age difference and such so ya. Love ya guys so much. 


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