Chapter 25

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I woke up at around 3:30 because we had a 5 o clock flight to our next Magcon stop in San Diego.I took a quick shower and put on some grey nike sweatpants, a black v neck, and some converse. I then just but my hair in a ponytail and a little mascara and eos on. I then left the bathroom and walked into the main room to see that Jordan was still sleeping so me being the amazing friend I am I decided to hit her with pillows till she did wake up.

"GET UP YOU LAZY ASS!" I shouted hitting her with a pillow while jumping on her bed. While snapchating this because it was goals.

"I do take Nate Maloney to be my husband," she said in her sleep and I started laughing because I got it on snapchat. After posting it I rolled her off the edge of the bed and she tumbled to the ground.


"We have a flight in an hour GET UP!" I told/ yelled at her.

"Oh crap! Can you pack my stuff while I get ready?" She asked grabbing her clothes and running to the bathroom.

"Sure cuz I'm actually prepared!" I shouted sarcastically. I packed up both are things and set them by the door right as she walked out of the bathroom all ready. We grabbed our stuff and met up with the guys in the limo Yes! the LIMO. We got in and me and Jordan were in awe of the amount of candy. Right when the driver started driving i opened my backpack and started shoving candy in.

"What are you guys doing?" Aaron asked,

"Its free candy what did you think i would of done?" I asked taking bite out of a twix bar. While everyone laughed. We eventually got to the airport and went through security and all of that crap, were now sitting on the airplane waiting for it to take off I was sitting next to Hayes and Matthew Nash and Cameron were in front of us next to some really scary looking guy. I instantly turned on my music and fell asleep on Hayes shoulder.I woke up and saw that Matt and Hayes were making vines so I decided to text Jordan and see where she is on the plane.

Text convo:

A: Hey where r u on the plane?

J: In the last row net to some hot guy our age







J: right? and he says thanks he saw that

A: kk lol well ill leave you two love birds alone and don't forget to use protection!!!

By now i was laughing my ass off at that conversation and now Matt and Hayes were looking at our texts laughing. About 20 minutes later the plane had just landed and were now at baggage claim waiting for our stuff.

"Guess what?" Jordan asked walking up to me

"What?" I asked looking at her she was smiling from ear to ear.

" Two things, one i got the guys number," She said doing a little happy dance.

"Nice," I said laughing at her

"And, Nate Maloney is joining us on tour in... two days!" she said grinning ear to ear

"Oh my god," i said laughing at her.

"Guys its our stuff," Carter said. We got to the limo and I realized something

"Hey guys i know Nate's joining us in two days but when is Sammy and Daniel joining?"i asked

"Actually Nate and Sammy are already at the hotel they got an early flight and Daniel should get here sometime tomorrow," Cam explained and I looked at Jordan and she was totally freaking out.

"You mean in less then 20 minutes I will meet Nate Maloney?!" she said and everyone nodded.

"OH MY GOD I'm going to die oh my god!!!" she said going totally fangirl

"Chill girl otherwise he's going to think we mixed you up with some crazed fangirl," I said and she laughed and just went on her phone like the rest of us I then decided to go onto I made about two and then the guys all realized what I was doing and jumped in and it actually worked out really well. I uploaded it and then just checked snapchat. We got to the hotel and all went to our rooms I was sharing a room with Jordan, Hayes, Daniel, Sammy and Nate, since Mahogany had to leave early because she had some family issues. Their was two king beds and then two bunk beds and they were in like a little separate room going off of the main room me and Jordan both ran in and jumped on the bunk beds and used Nate and Sammys stuff off and sat on them.

"Awe why do you get the bunk beds?" Hayes asked upset.

"Because were girls and we need separate room to change otherwise you'll see us naked and then you'd be perverts," Jordan said as Nate and Sammy walked in

"Too late for that," i mumbled and everyone started laughing apparently Nate and Sammy heard us.

"Hey why'd you push our stuff off," Sammy asked pouting

"Snooze you loose and do you want to hear Jordan's reasoning again," I said laughing and they all shook their heads. Jordan was just sitting their in complete awe at Nate. I closed the sliding doors and looked at her

"OH MY GOD HES HERE IN FRONT OF ME WHAT IS LIFE?"Jordan said freaking out

"Jordan calm yourself, and did you forget that these doors weren't sound proof?" i said and you could here all of the guys laughing.

"Fine ill be normal," she said

"Oh honey theres no chance of that ever happening now lets go introduce ourselves," I said going into the main room

"Hey I'm Abby, Nash and Hayes sister," I said sitting next to Hayes on his bed that Im guessing he's sharing with Daniel introducing myself.

"Hey," and then something i never thought would happen happened.

Ooo what do you guys think it is but I promise you its something good. And yay i updated and guys remember to comment ideas or just anything I love reading comments.


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