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Hi guys! Oh my gosh I have so much to say it's crazy! First off 159 THOUSAND reads oh my god I haven't checked in so long, I think the last time I looked it was at 80, I can't believe this you guys are amazing and I do not deserve it!! Second I am SO SO sorry for not updating in what feels like years, school is so overwhelming it's insane this weekend I am going to sit myself down, reread my book and write so everything is perfect! Again you guys are so amazing I can't believe it I haven't looked through my notifications in a while and it was flooded with comments and stuff it made my day❤️ perfect Valentines Day thanks to all of you! Okay so last thing, I hate promo BUT I am WAY more active on my instagram which is @beachyyhayes I also am a lot more interactive on there as well. So comment on there or here and please tell me what you want to see in this book, this book is for your guy's enjoyment! Again thank you, comment anything and I LOVE YOU ALL❤️❤️❤️❤️
(P.S your all amazing and deserve the world)❤️

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