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Hey thank you to everybody for all of the ideas so if you want to cowrite the book pls send me a sample chapter like if you were to write the next chapter what would it say and how would it go. Im still deciding if im going to write most of it and have one other cowriter and i will decide who it is or if i have multiple cowriters and they all just add a chapter to the book I promise everyone will get the credit they deserve just a heads up I dont want lots of self harm in this book because some people might not be able to read it if there is self harm and I dont want that as some people have brought to my attention also i hate the idea of self harm its a terrible thing and i dont want people to think that its ok or to get any ideas so ya so if you would like to cowrite send me your sample chapters I promise i will have my decision by July 1st maybe sooner and all chapters i want sent in bye June 20 so that gives you 10 days so good luck. I want to hear what you all have to hear.


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