Chapter 18

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I woke and I was in a really weird place i didnt recognize it at all i looked down and saw a third foot next to my feet and I screamed really loudly.

"Oh my gosh Abby are you ok whats wrong why did you scream?"som guy asked sitting up in the bed next to me.

"W-who are you," I said really freaked out and confused.

"What happened? Im Andrew your husband, are you ok your really pale," he said to me and the more information i got the more confused i got.

" Wait so if were married how old am I?" i asked him and he got a confused look on my face.

"Um your 23 and im 24 what happened you dont look so good," he explained

" im gonna take a walk and try to understand everything that is going on," i said climbing out of the bed and started to leave the room.

"I wouldnt go out in that," Andrew said chuckling. I looked down and realized I was in a tank top and some boyshorts. I sighed and walked into the closet and grabbed some dark was jeans and a mint green strappy loose tank top. I went into the bathroom put my hair into a pony tail and out in earrings and a necklace i quickly put on mascara and white converse and I walked outside. I didnt recognize where I was for a second but then I realized where I was I was in LA and I wast that far from my old house with Nash and Hayes i thought about going over there and seeing what the heck was going on but then I realized that they probably wouldnt want to see me after my big fight with Hayes even if it was life 10 years ago. I was walking around just thinking when I bumped into someone I looked up and I saw a random guy looking down at me and his arm was outstratched but the wierd thing was that he looked a lot like me,

"Abby?" he said helping me up and pulling me into a hug then I realized who he was, it was Nash.

"Nash oh my gosh I really need to talk to you I have no idea whats going on," i said and we went over and sat down on a bench and I told him everything and how i need to talk to Hayes and he looked like he was thinking

"Abby dont you remember?" he said

"Remember what?" I asked

"Abby, Hayes commit suicide the day after the fight hes dead,"

WOO HOO!!! I finally updated i know its short but at least its something right? thank you guys for being so patient with me I love you all so much. The idea for this chapter was suggested by the amazing @12makaila12 so thank you for the idea i will try to update ASAP thats a promise. Night lovelies


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