Chapter 1

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"ABBY WAKE UP," I heard someone yell right after whoever yelled that I felt them jumping on my bed. I opened my eyes to see Hayes jumping on my bed. It was the first day of summer YASSSS. I jumped out of bed and shooed Hayes out of the room and I got changed into my dance outfit which consisted of a black sports bra a neon pink tank top that says dance your heart out, my black spandex and some flip flops since I'm going to ballet. I ran downstairs grabbed a granola bar and then I walked into the living room to see nash watching sponge bob "hey can you drive me to dance?" I asked him "Yeah sure," he said while getting up and getting the keys "thanks," I said. Once we were there I got up and went to my hip hop class we started doing warm ups this was. My favorite class because we were all so close in age in fact we are all 13 or 14 except for Jasmine who's 15 and Hannah who's 16 but we're all super close.

After dance I texted Nash to come pick me up he said he would be there in a couple minutes. About 10 minutes later he pulled up and I got in and we were off. We were talking about random things when 23 by Miley Cyrus came on we both looked at eachother before belting out the lyrics.

J's on my feet,

J's on my feet,

J's on my feet,

So get like me,

*skip rest of the song*

We were both laughing so hard when we got home. I walked inside said hi to Hayes who was watching tv then went up to take a shower I got out of the shower and put on a oversized white cardigan, some pink and red floral shorts and a white lace crop top so a little bit of my stomach showed. I left my hair in its normal beach waves and went downstairs for lunch because it was already 2:00. When I was eating Nash came in and said "Oh great I need to talk to you and Hayes," great he sounded serious he called in Hayes and once we were both seated he said....

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