Chapter 15

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I woke up and I was in a wierd place then I suddenly remembered that I spent the night at Camila's house and then I remembered the big fight I had with Hayes and I suddenly became very bummed because today I had to go back to hotel and face the boys after I had ran out of the hotel yesterday. I checked my ohine and I had over 200 text messages from the boys and over 100 missed calls but none from Hayes that made me feel really guilty I must of silenced sometime last night because that would of been eally annoying to here go off all night.

"Morning Abby," Camila said waking up and smiling.

"Morning Camila," I said back smiling a little bit even though I was really sad about the fight.

"Do you want to borrow some clothes for the day?" Camila offered getting up and getting two outfits out of the drawer.

"Yeah thanks," I said ans she tossed me an outfit I went into th bathroom to change I chenged into the outfit which was a gray tank top the said "No one likes a shady beach," and some ripped medium wash jeans and I just changed back into my mint high top converse. I just left my hair down and straight and didnt bother with makeup because I didnt have any.

I came out and Camila was just waering a tank top and some sweatpants since she wasnt coming with me.

"Hey thanks for letting me spend the night but I should get going," I said really scaredof how the boys were gonna react when they see me.

"Ok well here's my number so we can stay in touch hopefully I see you later." she said handing me a piece of paper with her number on it.

"Thanks well see ya," I said walking out of the door and dont worry i got a map on my phone even thougn I kida want to be lost right now so I cant go back to the hotel. I was at the hotel and I decided to just go to my room straight away so the boys more importately Nash dosent make a big deal over me being gone and staying over at astrangers house eve though im going to have that talk with him anyways I just dont want to do it now im really stressde out I just want to sleep away all of my problems. I got to my room and just layers down and I fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up and heard a bunch of screaming I got up and saw Nash screaming and then he hugged me I seriously thought that I would pop.

"Where were you? Are you ok? What happened? why didnt you tell me that you had came back, jesus Abby I was so scared," he yelled all things at me at once.

"Im fine Nash me and Hayes got into a huge fight so I ended up staying at a new friends house so ya and I just got back this morning around 10 and I guess that I just fell asleep." I explained and his face softened.

"I'm sorry that you and Hayes fought but we are going out to dinner so dress fancy were meeting with Bart and the magcon people to talk about the tour so get ready you have 2 hours." he said then left the room. I just laid back down thinking about my life.

Hey guys thank you so much for reading it means so much I know that this was shorter than the last im having major writers block so im trying to extend this fight into as many chapters as possible but if you guys have any ideas that aren't about the fight please comment.


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