Chapter 23

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I woke up and saw that all of the guys were still asleep so I decided to walk around the hotel and find food. I just put on a pair of denim shorts and a crop top I just slipped on some flip flops and decided to just put my hair in a messy bun and skip makeup for now. I walked around and went to a little buffet and got some toast and fruit I ate my food and decided to go out and sit by the pool for a little bit. I put in headphones and turned on Burning house by Cam (most amazing song ever) and just relaxed. About an hour later I decided to go back up to the room and see what the plan was today. I walked into the room and everyone was still in there and just laying around doing there one thing.

"Hey what are we doing today?" I asked.

"First we have the show and the meet and greet then we're thinking of going to the beach." Nash answered.

I nodded my head in response and went to the couch and sat down next to Hayes and Shawn. When someone knocked on the door.

"I got it!" I yelled walking to the door I opened it and there was my best friend in the whole world Jordan.

"AHHH OH MY GOSH WHAT WHEN HOW WHAT!?!?!" I screamed as we hugged.

"My dad had to come up for a business trip and so I asked if I could come with him the only thing is he's only staying for one night so my choice is to spend just today with you or I can stay for the rest of Magcon with you but only if everyone is ok with it," she explained.

"Oh yeah totally I have to ask but it shouldn't be a problem, wait where's your stuff?" I said hugging her again.

"My stuff is in the room I'm sharing with my dad," she explained.

"Smart, come in." I said ushering her in and closing the door.

"Guys this is Jordan, Jordan this is the guys," I poorly introduced. Nash and Hayes both walked over and gave Jordan a big bear hug.

"How ya been kid?" Nash asked.

"Good same old same old," she responded.

"Guys I was wondering if Jordan could stay the rest of the trip otherwise she would have to go home tomorrow?" I asked giving them puppy dog eyes.

"Sure," everyone agreed.

"YAY!!" We both screamed and hugged.

"Be careful guys they are crazy when there together," Nash warned laughing and we just wore the same grins across are face.

"Oh guys Nate, Sammy and Daniel Skye are joining us on tour," Carter said.

I just started laughing and so did Nash and Hayes.

"Wait Nate as in Nate Maloney?" Jordan practically screamed.

"Yep!" Matt said no one had any idea what was coming.

"Oh cool," she said totally normally which confused me she went to the bathroom closed the door and all you could hear was her totally freaking out all the guys looked at me I was jut laughing my ass off.

"Jordan is like obsessed with Nate like not in a creepy way she's just a huge fan." I explained they all nodded their heads in agreement. Jordan excited the bathroom totally nonchalantly and we all looked at her and laughed she then joined us when she realized we heard.

"Hey Jordan do you want to go get McDonalds?" I asked she nodded her head and we both got up.

"Remember to be back by 11:30 so we will be on time for Magcon and why An arcade?" Nash asked.

"Because I get a toy and they have food," I shouted. We left and walked to the closest arcade which was about a block away. We got there and presented our food we both got happy meals with chicken nuggets. We ate our food and now we were playing with our toys I got Kyon and Jordan got some honey badger thing from the new Lion King movie we kept singing the song that was playing in the beginning of the first Lion King movie when the monkey was holding Simba up (you all know what I'm talking about) and hakuna matat very loudly.

Excuse me I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave your a huge disruption," the manager asked and we got up and left, with the toys of course.

We got back to the room and we were laughing our asses off we walked in and they all gave us wired looks.

"What happened to you guys?"JG asked.

"We got kicked out of the place." I said

"How?" Hayes asked laughing. And we both pulled out our toys and started singing again and everyone joined soon enough we were all singing obnoxiously.

"Ok guys we should head down to the venue now," Nash said and everyone got up and started getting their stuff.

"Me and Jordan will be down in a second I have to change quickly," I said

"Ok hurry though," Nash said. As him and all of the guys left.

I went and changed into a flower tank top and some jeans because it was raining, like in a tropical way because it was still warm out. I just left my hair straight and put on a little bit of jewelry. Jordan was just sitting there on her phone. I finally finished getting ready and headed out to the event.

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