Chapter 21

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Narrator's POV

Sunggyu wake up and went to the outside of the room. His head still feel dizzy due to hangover he had last night. He barely remember what happen actually. He went out from his old room as he recognize that he is in his dorm which is now is Hoya's home.

"Oh, Hyung, you're awake."

Sunggyu just nodded his head when he saw Hoya busy tidy up his dish. Sunggyu went to the kitchen and seat on a chair. There's a bowl of soup and some side dishes on the table.

"There's some seaweed soup. I make it just now. Eat it. It will lessen your hangover."

Hoya still busy with his dishes while telling Sunggyu about the soup without looking at him.

Sunggyu take a spoon and taste the soup. His eyes widened as he found the soup taste delicious. It's seem Hoya's cooking skill become better since he live alone.

"Thanks. You're good now in cooking. It's delicious."

Sunggyu take another a spoon of soup as he eat it with some rice. Hoya sit in front of Sunggyu after done with his dishes. He just keep staring at Sunggyu while Sunggyu enjoying his meal. He look so hungry.

"Waa! I'm full. Thanks for the meal, Hoya. I'm feel better now."

Hoya just give a smile to the leader in front of him which is grinning happily because of the food.

"Ya! Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?"

Sunggyu wipe his clean face with his hands over and over again try to wipe off the 'dirty' on his face. Hoya just chuckled as he look his leader acting like a child.

"There's nothing on your face hyung."

Sunggyu pouted his lips when see Hoya chuckled. But it's disappeared as Hoya stare at him with knitted eyebrows on his face.

"Wae? You make me scared?"

Sunggyu feel uncomfortable when his dongseng keep staring at him with those cold eyes. He knows actually what make Hoya look curious and full with question marks but he didn't want to think about it. Maybe it's time for him to forget about it. It's a past now.


Sunggyu lifted up his left eyebrow as Hoya called him.

"What happened? I'm sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable but I need to know what happened to you last night."

As expected, Hoya asked him about last night. He really didn't want Hoya to bring this up as he tried to convince himself to forget her. There's so much pain when think of her. And until now, he still feel the pain. The pain like didn't want to let him free.


That's the only answer he can give. Hoya look unsatisfied with him. He keep look at his Hyung as he look so worried. Hoya is a caring dongseng. Maybe he didn't show this side of him to other people but only for them who he really care. And Kim Sunggyu is one of them since Sunggyu is Infinite's leader. Hoya want to know what happened to his leader. He can't bear to see his leader in pain. In so much pain actually.

"Hyung, don't hide your pain. I know there's something happen to you. You never drink since one year ago. And last night, you were so drunk until make you faint and now you tell me nothing happen? Stop hide your pain, hyung. Tell me and let your pain go."

Sunggyu glared at his dongseng as his blood were boiling in angry. He doesn't know why but Hoya's words make him feel useless. Hoya still give him a sympathy look and it's really despise him.

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