Chapter 2

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Sungjong's POV

"Jongie-ya, are you sure Sunggyu hyung will come back home? Look at the time now. It's 1 a.m already. Where is he?" I heard Woohyun hyung babbling about Sunggyu hyung. He keep walking around our living room and look at his watch. He tried to make some call but no answer from Sunggyu hyung.

Actually i'm worried about Sunggyu hyung too. Since he left the restaurant, he didn't come back. He never come home late by himself except if they have to do practices.

"Don't worry hyung. I bet Sunggyu hyung will be okay. He will be back soon. I've told you, he go out to see his friends." I try to calm Woohyun hyung and myself. I just hope Sunggyu hyung will be fine. We have another schedule for tomorrow. At the end, Woohyun hyung and me fall asleep at the living room waiting for our leader.


Woohyun's POV

I woke up from my sleep. Argh! My back! It's hurt! I can see Sungjong still sleeping on the other couch. I stand up then walk to the kitchen. I open up the refrigerator and take a bottle of mineral and drink it. refreshing! Then i remember one thing. Where is Sunggyu hyung. I go to Sunggyu hyung's bedroom to see if he was there but i see no one in his room. Aish! Where is he? Did he know that we have other activities to do today.

I pick up my phone from my pocket and start to dial Sunggyu hyung's number but then, no answer again. It's make me frustrated. I took my sweater from my room and go out from my dorm to find Sunggyu hyung.


(Woollim's building)

Woohyun's POV

I went to all rooms but i still can't found he. From the practice room to the recording room, but still no any sights of Sunggyu hyung.

Junhyung Hyung!

Suddenly, i remember one of Sunggyu hyung's best friend. I dialed his number. After a few secound, i hear Junhyung's voice answering my call. Thank God!

" Junhyung hyung, do you know where is Sunggyu hyung?" I ask.

"Oh, Sunggyu, wae? What happen to Sunggyu?"i can hear Junhyung's worried voice.

"Sunggyu hyung is missing! I don't know where his whereabouts. I thought Sunggyu hyung is with you because Sungjong said that Sunggyu hyung told him that he going to see his friend last night. Is hyung with him last night?"

"Yes, i was with him last  night. I thought he already went home after we're meet. Are you sure he's missing? Have you check him at other places? Maybe he just around your place."

"I don't know where should I search for him. I've been search for him since early in the morning! It's okay, hyung. Thanks for your help."

"I do nothing, Woohyun-a. I will try to search for him after my schedule. I need to go now. If there anything news about Sunggyu please let me know.  I need to know."

"Nae hyung. I will tell you. Don't you worry." I end our conversation.
It's quite weird actually. This mean Sunggyu hyung missing after their meeting. Where will Sunggyu go then?
Arrgh!! All this things make my head hurt! Sunggyu hyung, Where are you? Infinite needs you now!
Please come back!

Without i relies, my tears down. I'm so worried about him!


"Mwo?? Sunggyu's missing? Don't make a prank on me kids. I know you're joking, right?"
I just watch our CEO with a serious face. Why he think this is a joke? Then, slowly, i see CEO's facial face turn to worried.
He look in to my eyes and i just shook my head.

"Are you seroius, Woohyun?"
The CEO ask me.

"Yes, CEO-nim. He start missing last night. Sunggyu hyung just tell Sungjong that he went to meet his friend then he disappeared. Right, Jongie?" I ask Sungjong who is standing still since we in CEO's room.

"Erm. Nae, majayeo. Everything that Woohyun hyung tell you is true. What we're going to do now, CEO-nim?" Sungjong start to cry but he try to endure it.

"I need to think first. The rest of you can rest in your dorm for several days. I will cancel all your schedules for two days. You can go now. Oh! Before you leave, Woohyun please take care of your members since Sunggyu are not around. I trust you."

We went out from CEO's room with gloomy face. What we are going to do now? Infinite is not complete without Sunggyu hyung.
Hyung, where are you??


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