Chapter 24

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Sunggyu's POV

"Annyeong, Yoonhye-ssi."

Sungjong and other members waved their hands as we are going home except me. I'm still standing in front of the restaurant with Yoonhye next to me, waving her hands to my other members.

I follow up Yoonhye steps after she done waving to my members. Suddenly, she turn around and glared at me.

"Ya! Why you're not going home with them?"

Yoonhye turn his body to face me and slapped my arm abruptly. And it's not just a slapped, it's a hard slapped actually.

"Ouch! It's hurt!"

I rubbed my arm while give a sharp glare at Yoonhye. And please tell me. Is she call me 'ya' just now? What did she think? It's not because we are friend now that she can call me with whatever she like. I'm still older than her. That is a fact!

"It's my choice to go home with whoever I want and, Yoonhye-ssi, can you stop calling me goon or ya? I'm older than you remember?"

"It's not your choice to tell me not to call you with goon or without goon. It's my choice!"

My eyes were widened as I saw Yoonhye smirked while look at me. Waa!! This girl is not like the girl I know before. She really do change. I really need to know what happend to her one year ago.

"So, I will call you with whatever I want, arraseo?"

Aish! This kid. Actually, I really hate if someone younger call me that way. You know, it's annoying.

"No, you can't!"

"Eung? Gyu goon....please...I really love that nickname...Eung? Eung?"

Okay, this is too much. Oh Yoonhye-ya, please stop pouting like that with those kitty cat. How she can transform into a little cutie kitty in just one second? She make my heart can't stop from beating fastly as she keep pouting to me, asking me to let her call me with that name. Aish! I don't like it but her cute face..

"Okay..okay.. You can call me with -goon but...."

"Thank you Gyu goon-a!!"

And now, it's get more serious after Yoonhye pull me in to her hug. Let me tell you, she really do hug me tightly. She seems so happy when I agree with that annoying name. There's one more thing that I need to tell you, it's about my heart.

My's just wait for any second to explode. Her hug. I really miss it. Her fragrance smell so good, so nice. Without I realized, I put my arms around her waist and hug her tight as I resting my head on her shoulders. I tighten my hug as I don't want to let her go. She was so small in my hug.

"Erm, Gyu goon.."

I pulled off my hug as I heard Yoonhye calling my name. She sounds maybe like uncomfortable but.. hey! She's the one who start to hug me.

"Sorry, my mistake."

I move a step backward as Yoonhye look at me with those beautiful eyes but somehow I can see sympathy from her eyes. She keep look into my eyes like she tried to search something through mine. I just let her be. I miss to see her beautiful eyes.

"Gyu goon, are you okay?"

I just keep silent as Yoonhye asking me. I don't know how to answer her question. Am I okay? I really want to tell her that I'm not okay. I really not okay after see her with those beautiful smile and smell her intimidating fragrance. She is the reason why I'm acting weird like this.

"Or... is it because of her? Did I remind you of Nisha?"

I still keep quiet, standing doing nothing. Just see those eyes. Yes. You're right, Yoonhye-ya. How I wish you are really her. I can't make any conclusion by looking at your face that really similar to the one I miss. However, my heart keep telling me that you are her.

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