Chapter 30

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Yoongi's POV

*1 years ago


I answered the phone call after I received it from an unknown number. Currently, I was doing nothing in my room. Just laying on my bed, relaxing my mind in my hometown. It have been a few month since I didn't come back to my hometown. Now, I need some peace and my hometown is the best place.

"How's your day in your hometown, Min Yoongi?"

I quickly got up from my bed as I sit straight on my bed while the phone still in my hold beside my right ear.

'Why he calling me again? What he want?'

I turn my body to the left and let my legs hanging at the edge of the bed.

"What do you want, JB?"

I ask the leader of my ex-gang that I left one year ago. He really can't stop disturbing my life. Since I left the gang, I thought with the money I gave to him, it will make me far from him and the gang but I'm wrong. My life become miserable as they keep disturb my life. That's why I run to my hometown. Unfortunately, they still can track on me. How they do it? I don't know!

"Wah, now you can call me with my name without hesitation. What a great transformation from you. I'm  impressed."

"Stop talking shit! or I will cut off the call!"

"Wow... relax."

I bailed my left hand as I heard JB chuckled because of my frustration over him. I can't stand this anymore. I just want to live in peace without the gang or JB's problems lingering around me.

"I don't know that you have a girlfriend now, Suga? You're so good in hiding things from me."

I widened my eyes when hear the word 'girlfriend' from JB. Since when I have a girlfriend?

"What do you mean by 'girlfriend'? I don't have any!"

JB scoffed in the other line.

"How about the girl from that day? What is her name? Erm... ah! NI.SHA. Am I right?"


'Nisha? Which Nisha is he talking about?'

Wait! Don't say that he mistaken her as my....

"JB! Where are you now?"

"Ah... now you realized that you have a girlfriend?"

"Shut the fuck up, JB! TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE?!"

I'm getting annoyed by JB's laughter. He laugh out loud like he's winning a lottery over me. What is he doing now? How he know about her? Please don't say that he do something bad to her, please. She is no one in my life. It's just a coincidence I met her in a bus while I'm in my way to my hometown and I help her to her house. That's all.

"Your girlfriend's house. I thought I want to kidnap your girl but her parents acting brave in front of my gang and guess what?"

I don't want to hear his next words but I need to know what's happening. My body shivered as I heard his last words. No. No, this can't be. What have I done!?

"They died. I shoot them. They are just too noisy and you know how I hate noise."

"Damn it, JB! She's not my girl! And you've killed the innocent people! What's wrong with you?!!"

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