Chapter 28

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Author's POV

He let his lips curled into a smirked after watched the news. There he is. Sitting on the couch while watching his 'friend's' misery. His lips can't stop smiling in victory because his mind keep wondering and imagining what will Sunggyu facing after this.

Hatred, Annoyed and Negative comments will hovering him in just one second. How happy he is when think about it. Imagining Sunggyu's fall and Imagining his victory. He can't wait for public's attention. And this time, only him who will get those attention and praises.

While he still in his dreamland, imagining those attention and popularity hovering him after this, suddenly a hard smack on his head make his dream disappear and change it to pain on his head.


"What the heck!?"

He rubbed his head where the younger hit him before. His smirk now was switch to an annoyed expression as his eyes sharply glarring to the younger.

"Is it too hard? Sorry, hyung."

The younger just grinned innocently as he didn't doing anything wrong to him.
The younger take a seat beside him while fixed his eyes on the tv.

"It's fucking hurt, idiot!"

The younger just ignore him when his eyes noticed a familiar name on the screen of their tv.

"Hyung, is this true? Sunggyu Hyung dating? Uwaa.. I can't believe this."

He just shrugged his shoulders when he watch the tv again.

"What can I say? It can be true? Why are you so interested on this, Dongwoon-a?"

Dongwoon tilt his head to the left to face his hyung now with a question mark on his face. He's so sure, just now, he saw his hyung smirking to this news and his hyung's face showed how enjoy he is with this breaking news.

"Should I ask you the same question, Junhyung hyung? I thought you're the one who interested on this?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Molla. I just asking."

Dongwoon just let the question in his mind hanging without any answer. Somehow, he didn't mind about this since it's not connected to him at all. But the curiosity still lingering in his mind when he see Junhyung smirking all the time while the news were on the Tv.

Dongwoon shook his head, didn't want to think of it too deeply. So, he just reach the remote control of the tv and change to other channels. What for sure, he didn't even have any attention on other idol's scandals or rumors.


Sunggyu's POV

I knocked the door in front of me with a 'Chief Executive Officer' label on it while Woohyun stand behind me waiting patiently. After I heard 'come in' from my CEO, I open the door and enter the room as well as Woohyun.


In one second, a punch, a hard punch hit directly on my left cheeks. I lost my balance as I stumbled on the floor and winching because of the pain. I got dizzy because of the hard puch but suddenly I feel someone grab my collar shirt with so much force.

"Yoongi Oppa!"



I look up to see who is the one punch me and now on me with his fist ready for another punch. I let out a smirk when I see his face. It's Yoongi obviously.

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