Chapter 11

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[One Week Later]

Nisha's POV

My phone vibrated. I took out my phone from my pants pocket. I draw a pattern on the screen to unlock my phone.

'Erm? A message?'

I open up the inbox and read the message. It's from my best friend, Nabila. I already miss her. Hey, i miss her as a friend, okay. Don't misunderstand me.

'Nisha, we will make a gathering among 'Diamond' this weekend, will you join us? I miss our school days. I hope you can join us. We will gather at ______ . Tell me if you join in, okay? I will wait for you.'

A gathering? Diamond. I really miss them so much. Diamond is my group's name. There's four of us. We were best friends since our middle school. Aigoo.. I really want to meet them so bad. This weekend? I hope Appa will let me go.

I remembered our school's time. It's a wonderful memory. There's happy and sad moments but that's make our friendship stronger day by day.


I slipped my phone off of my hands because of the sudden attacked. I glared at him. He just laughing hardly seeing me startled badly. I take my phone back and kick his leg. He's grinned in pain.

"Ouch! Yah, i just play around with you! Why you kick my leg? Its hurt."

"Served you right."

I let out my tongue at him. He just chuckled and in no time, he start to chase me. I run around my house, don't want to get caught by him.

"Sunggyu, Nisha, why are you keep running in the house?"

I can hear my dad calling our names but we just ignore him. Sunggyu still want to chase me.

"Ya, Sunggyu, stop chasing me. I'm tired already."

I stop from running. I'm so tired. Sunggyu caught my waist and start to tickle it. I can't stop laughing. My tears flowing. My body keep moving here and there because can't stand with the tickle.

"Yah! Stop..hahaha.. it.. Geumanhae!"

After a while, Sunggyu stop tickling me but change it to engulf my waist gently and put his head on my sholders. He is at my back. I startled. What is he doing? My heart start to beat fast. I think my heart will explode in any times. We're in his room now. Because i keep running before this, i didn't notice where I'm heading to.

"Sunggyu, what ar.."


Sunggyu shushes to me, telling me to keep quiet. I don't know what wrong with him but i do just like he want.

It had been one week now since Sunggyu live with my family and we're getting closer day by day. I feel so happy every time i spend my time with him. Help him to find his memories is one of my job now.

Everyday, I will show him some video of Infinite's performance and tell him this and that about the performance. Sometimes, I show him some variety show that he'd join in as a guest or a member of it.

Every time we watch the video, Sunggyu will got a headache. I feel sorry for him at first but I know, this is the only way to get his memories back. Each day, Sunggyu improved. He start to remember about his life but it's still not enough for him to regain a completely memory.


I'm back to the reality when Sunggyu calling for my name. I want to turn my body to face him but I can't. Sunggyu tightened his hug. I think my face become red now. Blushing.

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