Chapter 31

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Nisha's POV

Why so dark here? Where should I go? There's no light around me. All was black and dark. I can't see anything. I tried to move around but I ended up stopped my steps as I can't see my way. Then, there's a light far away in front of me.

I become excited as I see the light. I walk towards it and stop when I see a couple of elderly around 40s. They smiled and walk towards me. A woman come approach me and hug me.

I just freeze there doing nothing becauze too shocked with the sudden hug. The woman let off the hug and her smile still showed on her soft face. While the man beside her come towards me and patted my head with so much care. I'm still confused with the couple. Who are they? Why they act like they know me for long time?

"You're doing well, Kim Nisha."

The woman said as her eyes still on me.

'Kim Nisha?'

Is it really my name?

"Don't be too pressure, Nisha. Yes. Kim Nisha is your name, dear."

Now, the man who tell me those. How he knows that I'm confused with my own name? I didn't say it out loud though. They're look mysterious.

"And don't be afraid. We are your parents, Nisha."

'My parents?'

What are they talking about? Since when I...

I look again at their face. From the man to the woman. My mind keep playing some of my memories from other places. It seems blurry to me but there's a picture from my memories that caught my attention.

"You... you're my... parents? How...?"

"Yes, we are. You need to remember us, remember on what had happened to you one year ago. You can't hide the memory anymore. You need to be strong, Nisha. We are here to let you remember us again and remember your love."

From one to another flashes of the couple come into my mind. All of the pictures I get in my mind tell me how happy are we. Always together. Then...

"Omma.... Appa...."

"Do you remember us now, Nisha?"

The woman's eyes were filled with tears as I call them Omma and Appa. Yes. I remember them now. They're my parents. How can I forgot about them?

I nodded. The tears fall and once again, the woman embraced me, tightly. I hug her too. She is my omma. She's really my omma. I cried and cried in my moms embrace. After awhile, we pull off our hug, then I turn my gaze to my Appa. He smile to me. I walk towards him and hug him tight.

Suddenly, there's a picture where my omma and appa were laid down on the floor, covered with blood. I'm pulled off the hug and look at my Appa. However, he just give me a smile then he nodded.

"Are.. you.. are you...."

"Yes, we're died just like what you see just now. Now, you had remembered everything. It's a relief."

Appa patted my head gently again. Omma come towards me and hold my shoulders. Her tears keep falling on her cheeks.

"You will have your memories back, my daughter. Please, take care of your dongseng, Jane and please don't forget us anymore. We want you to remember us and pray for us. Will you?"

"But, Omma. This is not true. You should go home with me, meet Jane. Don't you miss her? She must want to meet you two."

"Kim Nisha."

I look at Appa. He's face shows how sad he is. Everything were shown on his face is gloomy and heartbreaking. I don't want to believe it. I want my parents back. I can't let them died because of me. I'm not strong enough to let them go.

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