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My Days with You (Fan fiction about Infinite Hoya) by SolidInspirit0809
My Days with You (Fan fiction abou...by Cat Woman
Ji-won came back to Korea because of her parents' business. Her childhood friend is living in there and little did she know that her friend is now a k-pop idol. Fan fic...
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My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungko...by 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
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Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic) by rookiewriter4
Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic)by Rookiewriter4
Woollim decides to have an audition and makes Infinite the judges. Infinite announces that if anyone wants to audition, they must send a video of themselves singing. Onc...
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Dancing High Profiles by sodiumforsaltytimes
Dancing High Profilesby 🥀
Dancing High is a new variety show hosted by KBS2 and is said to promote somewhere in September. The show is searching for teens all over Korea who's dream is to dance...
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A Mute Marriage (Infinite FanFiction) by Slytherin1Princess
A Mute Marriage (Infinite FanFicti...by SlytherinPrincess
~Kwon Woori has been mute since she was four. ~Kim Myungsoo has been street fighting since he was fourteen. ~What happens when these two are forced to get married to e...
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the ARRANGE MARRIAGE [L&H S.2] by Namhy97
the ARRANGE MARRIAGE [L&H S.2]by Rame ❣
Lee Mijoo, was arranged to marry the unknown guy, Jeong Hoseok. The Love & Hate S.2 #MiHope
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Married To Myungsoo (Secret Singer continuation) by rookiewriter4
Married To Myungsoo (Secret Singer...by Rookiewriter4
Another adventure lies ahead for Lee Suah after she signed a marriage contract and told everyone she was the Secret Singer. Suah is now going on a tour with Infinite. Sh...
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The Life of the Gangster Queen  by LysaMenong
The Life of the Gangster Queen by Lyzaaaaa
Story of Louisa Shenrey Sapphire Kim the adopted daughter of Kim Family. Her life is full of challenges and full of lies. She is A Gangster not only a Gangster but a Gan...
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Cousin+ LJN(이제노) [Dreamies Series] by ninarangg-
Cousin+ LJN(이제노) [Dreamies Series]by 𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓳𝓾𝓷💚
I love you 3000. After that I will hate you Published: Dec 5 2019 Ended:- Rated: PG-15 [𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬]
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Tomboy and Me / nam woohyun (#9) by Doxaisme
Tomboy and Me / nam woohyun (#9)by 주지나
Two chaebols that hated each other a lot are actually childhood friends and put to a engagement once both of them turned the age of 21. The two that met each other in co...
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Bittersweet Marriage Life by BestKpopFics
Bittersweet Marriage Lifeby BestKpopFics
Key is forced into an arranged marriage by his mother. Eunji agreed to it as to repay their kindness towards her family, and to grant her parents' death wish. However no...
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" let me save you one last time." she repeated time once again to stop myungsoo from dying. + infinite kim myungsoo + romance + tragedy + completed
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Just a place to reminiscent the INFINITE-INSPIRIT moments happening!!!!!!!
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Begin Again  by Kimsoo_1303
Begin Again by kim_soo
"Forget the me of yesterday, begin again Don't worry, you know me the best Only you, only you" He was so clingy and needy he was so innocent everyone loved hi...
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I'm Not Suppose To Love You(INFINITE MYUNGSOO Fanfic) by infinite500
I'm Not Suppose To Love You(INFINI...by Elizabeth M.
Two big companies hate each other. Ever since the beginning of both of them. Park Hyeyeon the second in line to get the P.A.R.K company. she hates Kim Myung soo and the...
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I Love You For A Thousand Years by hanyooreum
I Love You For A Thousand Yearsby Yooreum Han
"I have loved you since a thousand years ago. I love you for a thousand years. And I will always love you for a thousand more." "You of all people must ha...
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When Demons Met Their Angels by devilishangel22
When Demons Met Their Angelsby Gleya Nam Doezon
TAG-LISH COMPLETED** UNDER-CONSTRUCTION (^_^v) Two different worlds. Separate paths of journeys. Disparate personalities and ideals. "Don't ever mess up with us or...
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My Next Door Neighbour by HanByull
My Next Door Neighbourby HanByull
بدأ كل شئ عندما كان يبحث ميونغسوو له عن شقة. ورآي أجمل فتاة قد رأت عيناه من قبل .. حتم الأمر، لقد وقع بحبها. قرر أنه سيفعل ما بقدر إستطاعته ليحصل عليها حتي ولو أد...
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Me or Her??™ (Kim Myungsoo/ L Infinite Fanfic) by mikoteows
Me or Her??™ (Kim Myungsoo/ L Infi...by yeollie💕
"You know what they say about hope? It breeds eternal misery." (Cover made by perksofdo) -Completed- ©All Rights Reserved @mikoteows
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Love You As Much As I Hate You (KIM MYUNGSOO/L INFINITE FANFIC) by rinienarinie
Love You As Much As I Hate You (KI...by rinienarinie
Kang Rae Na is a very spoil brat girl with some attitude problem. She grew up with her grandfather that protects her 24/7 each day. An incident happened that make her gr...
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