Chapter 16

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Sunggyu's POV

Nisha dragged me out from my room. We are heading to the kitchen.

"Wah! Chikin(Fried chicken)!"

Nisha shouted when see the food were well prepared on the table. She sit on the chair and pat the chair next to her while look at me.

"Sunggyu-ssi, sit here."

I went to the chair and sit there comfortably.

"Nisha, I'm sorry, I can't think any other meals for you for the dinner. So, I just buy fried chicken for both of you. Hope you enjoyed the food"

"Gwenchana, Sungyeol-ssi. I love fried chicken so, don't worry about me. It's my pleasure get to eat this plus! You're the one who bought it for me."

Nisha give a bright smile to that guy(Sungyeol). I don't know why but I feel uneasy when see Nisha smiling to other guy. Aish! This feelings! It's make me suffocating!

"Okay, Sunggyu-ssi. Before we start to eat, let me introduce you, your group's members."

I back to reality when Nisha called my name. I look at her and then to other guys. All of them sit around the table.

"The one sit in front of you is Woohyun."

Nisha introduced the first guy to me. I look at him. Woohyun give a small wave and bright smile.

"Annyeong, Sunggyu hyung. I'm Nam Woohyun but you can call me Woohyun.

Woohyun introduced himself.He give me a smile and i just nodded.

"Okay, next to Woohyun is Sungjong."

I look at Sungjong. He looks like a girl. Just a bit.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Lee Sungjong imnida. I'm the maknae in our group."

"Erm, nae."

I nodded while Sungjong give me a bright smile. Wah! He's really pretty. How can a guy be this pretty?

"Okay, next to Sungjong is..."

Nisha was cutted when the guy next to Sungjong yelled.

"I say 'Ho' , you say 'Ya'. Ho!"


I follow his words but it's come out awkwardly.

"Ahh!! Hyung, please be more supportive! Okay! Once again, I say 'Ho', you say 'Ya'. Ho!!"

"Yah..yah..geuman..geuman(stop it). Aish! When will you stop doing this?"

Woohyun tried to stop him. They argued for a while. They look like siblings when they were arguing.

"So, your name?"

They stopped argued when I ask his name.

"Ho.Ya. My name is Lee Howon but my stage name is Hoya. So, hyung, you can call me Hoya."

I nodded. That's why he keep asking me to shout 'Ya' after he said 'Ho' because it is his name.

"Annyeong, nan Jang Dongwoo. I'm the lead rapper in our group, Infinite. Yeah!"

Woow! This guy so super active. He keep moving his hands like a hip hop style and I just nod and laugh a little. He looks like an easy going guy.

"Thanks Dongwoo for introducing yourself."

"No problem, Nisha!"

Dongwoo give a gummy smile to Nisha.

"And this last two guy is Sungyeol and Myungsoo."

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