Chapter 26

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Sunggyu's POV

"Congratulation to Infinite!!"

We keep bowing to the others while Hoya took the trophy that we get for winning first in Music Bank's chart today. Woohyun give some speech while the others keep smiling and doing some cute gestures to our fans, Inspirit. Only me, who just standing there on the stage give a small smile to the fan and other idols and singers.

We went to the back stage after the encore stage end. The others keep talking about our winning for our new comback. Everyone still can't believe that we still can win for the chart. Somehow, it's really give us a very strong motivation to continue our career.
"Chukhahe, Sunggyu-ya."

My shoulders jolted up as someone put his arm aroud my neck. I turn my head to see his face. Oh, Junhyung. Actually, today is Beast's comeback as well as us. And if you want to know, the candidates for first place are us, Infinite and Beast. However, we win the first place for today.

"It's not 'Sunggyu-ya', It's should be 'Chukhahae, Infinite'. Arrachi?"

I told him as I throw his arm away from my sholders. Actually, it's quite weird for me to pretend that I don't know anything about it. And it's really make me feel uneasy to be with Junhyung after I know that he have something with Nisha.

"Okay..okay.. So, Gyu-ya, wanna have some drink after this? You need to celebrate your victory today."

"Sorry, Junhyung-a but I'm going to quit drinking from now. So, maybe next time. I have some work to do after this. If I have free time then I will let you know."

"Okay, it's up to you."

This guy, he really look innocent. I mean I can't believe that he have something with Nisha's case. He give me a wide smile with those sunglass cover his eyes.

"Sunggyu hyung, pparli! We need to go back to the dance practice now."

Woohyun shout out my name as I still in the waiting room with Junhyung with me. The other members are out from the room already. I just realized about it after Woohyun calling for me.

"Nae! Wait for a minute!"

Junhyung still standing in front of me. I give him a small smile and patted his shoulder. Don't ask me why I do that because I don't know either.

"I need to go now, Junhyung. Let's meet again when we're free."

"Okay, be careful. If there's anything happen, let me know."


I went out from the waiting room and rush to our van, joining with the others.


I let out my breath as I was tired because of the practices. The others were collapse to the floor when the song ended. I just sit on the floor with my body full with sweat. I must be smell bad now.


I just ignore him as he let his head resting on my thigh. He look at me with a wide smile on his face then poke my cheek with his finger.

"Woohyun-ie, gumanhae(Stop it). I'm tired."

I slapped his hands away from me. And as I expected, he still continue doing it. Keep poking my a little chubby cheeks.

"Hyung, are you okay? You look weird this days."

I tilted my head down to see Woohyun's face. I rise up my eyebrows as a question signal for him. I can't understand his question. I'm okay.

"What do you mean by 'wierd this day'?"

"You know, you look miserable. From your face I can see that your're keep wondering about something. If you have problems tell me, hyung."

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