Chapter 19

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Sunggyu's POV


Nisha walk weakly towards her parents. She looks totally lost. Her walk not stable. I just let her be. She need time to comfort herself. Honestly, I'm so sad look at abeonim and eommonim's conditions. I'm so mad to those who kill them. They're like my biological family! They help me so much! How come I'm not sad seeing them died in a terrified situation! But I need to be strong for Nisha! She need somone by her side now. She need strength and courage to face this.

I turned my head immediately at out of the room when I heard footsteps toward this room. I feen uneasy. Then I saw a man in black leather jacket with a mask on his face from the door of the room. Who is that?

My eyes widened when see he held out a pistol as same level as his chest pointing to.... I look to the direction of the pointers.

No! I won't let this be! I run towards Nisha and back hug her. Nisha startled because of my sudden action. I hug her waist tightly, don't want her to look back.

"Nisha, listen. What ever I say, just follow it, okay?"

I whisper next to her ear. Just right after I told her, I hear a loud 'bang' from the shot and feel the bullet entered at my back. It's painful but I need to act like nothing happen. I don't want Nisha afraid and worries about me. What's important now is her safety.

"Nisha, fall!"

Both of us fall to the floor. My back. The pain become worst. My blood start to flow from the shot. My back, it's feel like burning. The footsteps come towards us.

"Closed your eyes, pretend like you're died."

I'm glad because Nisha didn't ask me anything and just follow my instructions so well. I really hope that man will believe that we're died already. I closed my eyes like I'm dead already though my back was so hurt. I don't know if I will able to live after this. I just want her to live.

"Boss, they're died already.... Yes, I'm sure..... Okay."

I heard the conversation between that man with his boss, maybe. After a while, that man left us. I'm so relief after he's gone from my sight after I opened my eyes. Nisha want to turn her body facing me but I stopped her by tighten my hug on her waist. The pain from my back become worst from time to time. I'd lost so many blood.

"Don't move. Just stay still. The others will arrived soon. We just need to wait a few minutes more."

I try to calm her. Before we arrived here, I called Woohyun already tell them to come here immediately because I've bad feelings about this and I'm right.

"Sunggyu, what happened to you? You sounds in pain."

Nisha asked me, worried. How she can know that I'm hurt. Is it too obvious? I think so.

Nisha turned herself facing me. This time I can't stopped her. I'm become weaker because of the blood loss. I'm grinning in pain. Nisha held out her hands to hug me but I hold her wrist. Stop her from hugging me. I don't want her to know about my back.

"Sunggyu-ssi, what..whats..wrong?"

She's start to cry again. I shushes, telling her keep quiet and stop crying. I cares her cheeks gently. I feel like I'm dying. Maybe this is the last time I can cares her cheeks. My last time to see her beatiful eyes.

My blood flowing on the floor. Nisha's eyes widened when she see the blood flowing towards her then look at my eyes. I know, she can predict that the blood from me. I just give her a weak smile while cares her cheeks. I'm going to miss her.

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