Chapter 25

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Yoongi's POV

I push our main house's door abruptly after I parked my car in front of our huge house. My eyes quickly scanned my entire house as I try to find her presence.
"Yoonhye-a! Are you at home?"

I keep calling and shout her name but there's no respond from her. Somehow, this make me anxious. Yoonhye never comeback home late. Where is she? My parents as usual, they maybe not at home as they were too busy with the company.

I started to search for her presence as I walked to the upstairs. I opened up her room's door abruptly but there's nothing. I let a heavy sigh as I run my fingers between my hair. Frustrated. Where is she??

After met with Junhyung, I can't stop being paranoid. I can't stop thinking bad thinks that maybe will happen to her. What if Junhyung being serious and hurt her? What will happen if she knows the truth?

I can't let that happen! She is part of my life. I can't let her go away from me. That will never happen!

I reached for my phone in my pocket. My hands keep trembling as I held the phone in my hands. I try to call her. After a few seconds, there's no answer from her. Where the hell is she? Yoonhye-ya, please, pick up the phone.

I tried again and again but still fail. There's a few drops of my sweat from my forehead. Maybe because I'm too nervous and anxious of being thought that I will lost her.

I run to the kitchen and meet with our maids. I reached to one of them and ask about Yoonhye.

"Haemi-ssi, do you know where is Miss Yoonhye?"

Haemi, one of our maids give a polite bow and give me a small smile before answering my question.

"If I not mistaken, Miss Yoonhye went out two hours ago. She said she want to have dinner at a restaurant..."

"Which restaurant?"

I cutted her words as I can't wait to know where she is now. I need to be hurry. I don't want to let her go from me.

"I'm sorry, Sir Yoongi, but I don't know. Maybe Jaehyung Ahjussi knows about it because he's the one who drive Miss Yoonhye."

I search for a caller ID in my phone immediately and make a call.

"Yeoboseyo, Jaehyung Ahjussi. Where are you?"

I ask Yoonhye's driver abruptly after he picked up my call.

"Oh? I'm on my way to go home. What's wrong, Sir Yoongi?"

"Is Yoonhye with you now?"

I keep asking him. Everything about Yoonhye. Jebal..I hope he will answer me with a yes.

"I don't know, Sir Yoongi. I thought she was home already?"

What is this? Where did she go? What happened to her?

"What do you mean by that?"

I ask him as my curiosity increasing when Yoonhye's driver tell me about her.

"Miss Yoonhye ask me to wait for her as she went for a dinner but, somehow after 2 hours waiting for her, Miss Yoonhye didn't appear. After that, I tried to find her at the restaurant but the restaurant were closed already. That why, I'm going home, I thought she was forgot to tell me that she gone home by herself."

"It's okay, Ahjussi. I will try to find her. Thank you, Ahjussi."

I off the phone call and rushed to my car. I need to find her. I start the engine of my car after I closed my car's door. I need to be hurry.

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