Infinite Love ( Sonic Forces) Infinite x human reader (Completed) by gladion4everluv
Infinite Love ( Sonic Forces) Yasmine Rodriguez
Well it's just the story line of the game but with you in it ,and it seems that infinite has a interest in you. you'll soon figure out why.
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Who I Am (Infinite x Reader) by Shaye_Serena
Who I Am (Infinite x Reader)by Shaye
You were always the quiet one, but it turned into something worse after the war began. You had lost everything, one, by one. But three things remained. Sonic, the one wh...
  • shadowthehedgehog
  • silverthehedgehog
  • war
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The Hila-Bride [Completed] by msdreamer02
The Hila-Bride [Completed]by msdreamer02
Part I: " Hindi na lang sana ako nagpahila at pumayag e di sana hindi ako nasasaktan ng ganito " -- Lucy Perez- Imperial Part II: &quo...
  • hurt
  • married
  • bride
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Infinite Stratos:Ace (X Male Reader) by rg808guy
Infinite Stratos:Ace (X Male Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: this is a Infinite Stratos x male reader story. You are 15 and your best friend is Ichka Orimora and has been since both of your older Sister are best friends. Yo...
  • xmalereader
  • stratos
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Ask Us Anything by silver101101
Ask Us Anythingby Aj
A popular Korean-American Youtuber gets invited to join the show 'Knowing Brothers,' or even, 'Ask Us Anything.' Her expansive knowledge of pop culture and age differenc...
  • youngchul
  • twice
  • soogeun
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THE PERFECT WIFE | Hwang Minhyun by ninanilly
THE PERFECT WIFE | Hwang Minhyunby ninanilly
"She was a rose in the hands of those who had no intention of keeping her" He walk to the darkest place without destination, No lights, No path, Obstacles pre...
  • kookie
  • wannaone
  • minsajang
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Would you rather ? - kpop version  by jamlezzz
Would you rather ? - kpop version by ♡gem ♡
would you rather ? ??
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My 1st Class Jerk Husband - Jungkook × You [ BTS ]  by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband - Angel 😇
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
  • jhop
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Kpop One Shots | Pt 1 by shxnx_
Kpop One Shots | Pt 1by - ̗̀the jimin effect ̖́-
- ̗̀the jimin effect ̖́- #LOVE_YOURSELF 『 r a n k s 』 Seventeen One Shots #14 in Fanfiction #27 in Short Story #61 in agustd #206 in scenarios Jimin One Shots #6...
  • vixx
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Kpop/Khh One Shots by _Kpop_Khh_
Kpop/Khh One Shotsby •Kpop Enthusiast•
Your favourite Kpop/Khiphop artists *I haven't written in awhile, but if you guys have any scenarios or artists you want me to write about I will (: it will help me get...
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Bts Text | Bts X Reader by Jibootaexx
Bts Text | Bts X Readerby Çhëžčå
Bts Text/Scenarios/Imagines/Memes Omg 50k reads?! ily guys sm thank you for reading this and I hope you guys are enjoying my book. Warning ⚠️ slow updates ...
  • infinite
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Male!Infinite!Abused!Reader! :RWBY male reader insert by TheVillain20
Male!Infinite!Abused!Reader! TheVillain20
(Y/N) Xiao Long is the son of Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao Long, older brother to Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. Well, they his 'family' never actually said his name, o...
  • malereader
  • rwby
  • rwbyfanfic
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My Backstabbing Bias/Husband (MCHB/H2) by kimchohee1206
My Backstabbing Bias/Husband ( Channie_yah
When I thought everything was on its deserving place.When I thought it was finally a happy ending...she just have to appear into our life again and make me realize that...
  • bomi
  • kpop
  • dongwoo
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Kpop Imagines by kimerinchii17
Kpop Imaginesby KimErin
Kpop Imagines featuring BTS, IKON, BAP, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, EXO, VIXX, ASTRO, INFINITE, UP10TION, SF9, MONSTA X, BTOB and more! Accepts Requests. Just PM me ❤️❤️
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boyfriends/girlfriends ; kpop by purestin
boyfriends/girlfriends ; kpopby ♡mti & syh♡
kpop as boyfriends/girlfriends (and others) credit to owners.
  • seventeen
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Rome-Ong Must Die (21+)| Ong seongwoo X Reader by _SavageNoona_
Rome-Ong Must Die (21+)| Ong I Have No Life 🙌
" Die." "Excuse me ?" Seongwoo chuckled as you gave him a death glare. You clenched your fists and gnashed your teeth as you watch him try to charm y...
  • ongseongwoo
  • winkgirl
  • ongseongwu
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Kpop Smuts  by sexkook
Kpop Smuts by Rongie
A collection of steamy smuts featuring Apink's Chorong and the boys. © Credits to Owner
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • sehun
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Sunset Love And Golden Hearts: Sonic Forces Fanfiction (Sonic X Reader)  by Glittering_Akira
Sunset Love And Golden Hearts: + ᴘᴏɪꜱᴏɴɪᴏᴜꜱ ꜰʀᴜɪᴛ +
(Y/N) is a young (f/c) (y/a) that has a couple of special powers, mainly telekinesis and chaos energy, that she uses to her advantage in the great war against Dr. Eggman...
  • tails
  • amy
  • sega
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Kpop One Shots by Elipew
Kpop One Shotsby Elipew
I will be posting short stories that I have already posted on Tumblr. I also will be taking requests. Most of my rules are up in Tumblr, here in Imanonandiwrite.tumblr...
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