Chapter 7

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Woohyun's Pov

(Woolim's Building)

"CEO-nim, it had been two days now since Sunggyu hyung missing. What we are going to do now?"

I and other Infinite's member are gathering in our Ceo's office. I look at our CEO, he look stressed by Sunggyu's missing. He scratch his head stressful with the situation.

The other members just keep quiet. Today is the second day since Sunggyu hyung missing. We, Infinite member have been rest in our dorm, doing nothing, just wait for CEO's instruction. And today, he call us to come to his office.

"Okay, starting tomorrow all of you will start with your schedule and activities. For now, you will move without Sunggyu."

"But what will we answer if people asking about Sunggyu? They must ask about him since he is not around."

I cut CEO- nim from continue his words with some questions to him. What are he thinking? Doing activities without Sunggyu hyung? Aish! This will be tough for us.

"Wait, Nam Woohyun. Calm down. For this time being, you just need to do the activities. For Sunggyu's case, i will think about it again. Before this, i got an idea to tell the fans that Sunggyu being hospitalized for a few weeks due to his health but.. i don't think this will be the best way."

CEO-nim look so frustrated. He keep sigh after saying those words to us. Suddenly, Dongwoo hyung get up ftom his seat and went to our CEO. He pat CEO's shoulder. Maybe want to calm our CEO's feeling right now.

"CEO-nim, don't worry to much. I believe with your decision and I believe that Sunggyu hyung must be somewhere. We don't know if he is okay or not but trust Sunggyu, he is a strong man. So he must survive and he will come back again soon or later. CEO-nim, i will trust you to handle this matter. We, Infinite will support you and we will help you to find Sunggyu. Don't we, Infinite?"

Dongwoo hyung look at us who still sitting quietly on the couch. All of us look at Dongwoo and CEO-nim and we nodded.

"Erm! I will trust you, CEO-nim. We will do just like what you told us. We will continue our schedules and we will try to help you to find Sunggyu hyung. We will find him no matter what."

This time, Hoya speak his opinion on this situation. While me, i start to get my strength again after see my other members didn't give up to find Sunggyu or continue our schedule even though Sunggyu hyung is not with us.

"Thanks, Infinite. You give me some strength to solve this matter. Thank you so much for never be a burden to me."

CEO-nim start to cry, maybe he touched with our spirit. I think so.
All of us stand up and hug our CEO-nim to give some strength and courage. After a while we pull out our hug.

Our CEO ask us to go home first. Relax our mind and get enough rest. He didn't want one of us get sick. So, here we are. In the dorm now.


Nisha's POV

(Nisha's house)

I got up early in the morning. Maybe in 6.30 a.m. i woke up from my sleep and see Sunggyu still sleeping soundly. He look so cute when he is sleeping. I keep staring at his beautiful face.

"Oit! Stop staring at him, can you? Go take your bath and help Omma in the kithchen."

Aish! This kid. I turn my head to the door and i see my dongseng standing in front of door looking at me with a smirk. She looks so annoying.


I answer her and went to my dongseng's room. My dongseng just follow me from behind. When we reach to her room, she just sit ont the her bed and keep staring at me. While I'm trying to find my clothes,

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