Chapter 1

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Narrator's POV

"Cheers!!!!" Everyone enjoying their drinks like there's no tomorrow.
They look so happy after what they have done.

The concert went well as expected.
Because of this seven boys, the concert went smoothly as planned.
So, tonight they want to celebrate the success that they achieved from the concert.

"Aargh!! I'm so tired but still! It's so fun! Don't you think so, hyung?" A tall guy suddenly said loudly while face his leader who sit in front of him.

"Erm! So much fun! I'm enjoying it very much! I'm so happy to see Inspirit during the concert just now," the leader says with a sweet smile when he remember their moment with their fans a few hours ago during the concert.

'Neoyoyamanhae... ' the leader startled when his phone ringing. He take out his phone and answered the call when he see the caller name.

" Oh! Junhyung-a, you want to meet me? Okay, i will be there. Wait for me. Bye," he ended the call and stand up from his sit. He start to walk to get out from the restaurant but stop his steps when someone calling his name.

"Sunggyu hyung, where do you want to go?" He look at the guy whi call his name. He is the maknae. He put a smile on his face and said,
"I need to see my friend for a while. If you're done, just go home, no need to wait for me. Oh, don't forget to tell our manager. I'm out"
"Okay, hyung. Be carefull. Its already late." The maknae said while he continue his walk to the place that Junhyung tell him earlier.


Sunggyu's POV

I tried to call Junhyung but no answer from him. 'Where is he?'
I went in to the building. It's look shabby and old. 'Why he want to meet me at this place?' I thought to myself.

Junhyung is one of my best friend since i'm debut. An yeah, he is my sunbae because he debut earlier than me. I'm still standing here like a stupid guy without doing anything. I'm still waiting for Junhyung but then suddenly i feel my head was beat with something hard and i fall to the ground. It's hurt! I try to face the person who beat me and the last i see before black is Junhyung smirking to me. After that, i can't remember anything. What i see just pitch black around me.


Junhyung's POV

'Is he die already?' Infront of me, a body lying on the floor unconscious. I know him. I took a look at his face. There's blood flowing down on his left cheek.
Then i carry him to another place.
In another room, i place him on a chair and tie his hands and legs.
After i feel satisfied, i look at his face. The face who i love before this as my best friend but not now anymore.

"You know what Sunggyu, if it is not because of you, maybe i won't do this to you! But look what have you done. You take my place! How come you be more popular than i'm? I'm the one who debut first but then you come from no where and take my place!? Mianhae, Sunggyu i can't let you be popular than me! I will be the most popular Singer and Songwriter in Kpop Industry! I'm not going to let you get the title!" I feel so satisfied that i can say all those words in front of him! I smiled to him and i will make sure he will die this night! For sure!

'Goodbye Sunggyu. See you in hell!' I smirked while carry him to my car and place in the booth and drove my car to a place, far away from the city!


Chingu! Eoddae? It is okay? I hope you like it! I will do better!
And jeongmal mianhae, cuz i do it short. Thanks for read!

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