Chapter 22

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YoonHye's POV

"Where have you been, Yoonhye-ya?"

My sholders jolted up when hear my brother's loud voice. I turn my body to see my brother which is walking towards me with knitted eyebrows as I just comeback home after meet Sunggyu. Somehow, my heart feel comfortable and relax after see him.

"Ya! Answer me!"

I didn't realize since when my brother had standing in front of me. I just give a heavy sigh to him. Aigoo.. this one older brother always being overprotective.

"I just go to the park. Taking some fresh air."

I know I'm lying but I need to. What? Tell him that I meet Kim Sunggyu? No way! Maybe my brother will locked me in my room for years if he knows about the meeting.

"I'd told you to go with me wherever you go. Why you didn't wake me up? I can accompany you. You make me worried, Yoonhye-ya."

I cupped his face to make sure he will face me. Why this oppa so worried about me? I'm an adult now. I know to take care of myself well. And plus! There's the driver who take me to go where I want.

"Yoongi Oppa. What's wrong with you? I'm fine, okay. I just go for a walk. I'm bored staying in the house doing nothing. Don't worry to much, okay?"

Yoongi oppa pulled off my hands abruptly from his cheek but then he cupped my face with his warm hands.

"I'm your oppa, remember? And you're my dongseng. My responsible is to take care of you. So, please. After this, tell me first if you want to go anywhere. I will go with you, arraseo?"

I let out a heavy sigh once again and nodded.

"Good girl."

Yoongi oppa give me a grinning smile while ruffled my hair.

"Since you said that you were boring.. you want to go meet my friends? I thought I want to go to the company."

I widened my eyes when hear my oppa's idea to bring me to meet his friends. Who don't want to see those popular idol? Okay, let me tell you. My family has an entertainment company which is organize by our parents. While Yoongi oppa is one of the composer and lyricist in our company.

I nodded repeatedly means agree with the idea. I can't stop grinning when think of the idol. They must be so handsome. Who wouldn't like idols right?


"Ea yo! Guys!"

Yoongi oppa make a high five with his friends one by one after we arrive to our company's building or we called it as 'Big Hit's Building'

I just keep standing silently behind Yoongi oppa's body. It's feel awkward to meet with the idols. This is my first time, okay or maybe not. I almost forget that Kim Sunggyu is an idol. So this is my second time.

"Guys, let me introduce you my little dongseng, Min Yoonhye. Yoonhye-ya, meet my friends."

Yoongi oppa move toward my side so that I will face with the 6 handsome boys a.k.a. my oppa's friends. I just give a smile to each of them. Seriously, they're so handsome but I will say that my Oppa better than them. Maybe?

"Annyeonghaseyo, Yoonhye-ssi. I'm Rap Monster. You can call me Rap Mon."

"Annyeong, Yoonhye-ssi. I'm Jin, the most handsome man among these guys. Nice to meet you."

I chuckled watch Jin behavior. Yeah, he's handsome. He deserved to be proud of himself.

"Stop with that handsome thingy, Jin hyung."

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