Chapter 4

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Nisha's POV

"Bye, Nabila! If there's anything please let me know, okay? Contact me when you're free." I wave my hands to Nabila while went in to my bus to go back home. Ah..home sweet home. I really miss my home. I search for my seat. After found it, i sit quietly then put my headphones on my ears. Listening to my favorite songs. Infinite-A Person Like Me. One of my favorite Infinite's song. I close my eyes while listening to it. After awhile, i sleep soundly and tge bus went to the destination.


Sunggyu ssi? Is that you? I see a man standing far away infront of me. I can see he's smiling to me. His small eyes can't be seen while he's smiling. His smile, it's so sweet. I smile back at him and walk towards him. Suddenly, he fall to the ground, make me panic. I went to him but then, my way was blocked by a man. He look at me with his scary eyes and smirked at me like he have win something big or important to him.


"Miss, miss, we'd arrived." I heard a guy voice and someone move my shoulder. I open my eyes slowly. I see a man facing me try to wake me up. So, it's just a dream. Why i get that kind of dream. It's scared me.

I feel my shoulder were pushed again. I come back to reality. I saw a man facing me with a weird expression. Why he look at me like that? Is there anything on my face? I try to wipe my face. There's nothing. I wave my right hand in front of his face. Then he give me a smile.

"Are you okay, miss" he ask.
"I think, I'm the one who should ask that. Are you okay? Why look at me like that?" I ask him back. He look shocked for awhile then he smiled.

"There's nothing. We've arrived. We better got down by now. Ah, before i forget. My name is Min Yoongi. You can call me Suga." The guy who stated himself as Suga held his hand to me. Wanna a shake maybe. But i just wave my hand back means i don't want a shake. It's my habit since i'm a kid. I don't like to touch any guy especially stranger. He then pulled his hand back.

"Sorry if i make you uncomfortable. " Suga said.

"Erm, it's okay. I think we need to get down from the bus first."

I stand up from my sit after Suga left me went out from the bus. I went out from the bus after he. Suga went to the left of the bus to take his bags. I do the same. I took my bags and went to the terminal searching for a taxi to go home.

While I'm searching for a taxi, someone standing next to me. I see his face and he is Suga.He look at me and said,

"You didn't tell me your name yet. What is your name? Can i know?"

"Nisha, just call me Nisha." I said answering his question.

He smiled again. I don't know why but i see his smile was so sweet and cute. I look at his face. He has very pale skin and his eyes are quite small. But i found it so cute. Then, i see his hands waving in front of my face. I come back to reality. Aish..Nisha! What are you doing just now? My face start to blush when i got caught analyzing Suga's face.
He just smile while look at me. I turned my face down to the ground.

"So, where do you live?"

"____" i answer him.

"Oh! Really? Our house are in the same area. Maybe we can go home together by taxi. It's will saved our budget."

I think of his offer. Can I? Erm.. Maybe it will be okay if i went home with me. At least I've a friend to talk to.

"Okay then."

Suga and me find a taxi and went to our house. After one hour on road, i finally in front of my house. I can't explain how i feel at that time. I just so excited and happy to see my house.

"So, this is your house?" Suga ask me while look at my house.

"Erm!" I answer him excitedly.

I paid the fee to the driver and went out from the taxi. I went to the booth and picked up my bags. Come out from nowhere, Suga help me bring my bags out. I'm a little bit shocked with his action since i didn't realize since when he come out from the taxi.

"Let me help you carry the bags to your house." Suga start to carry by bags.

"It's okay Suga. I can carry them by myself." I said to him but Suga ignored me and continue carry my bags to my house. I just sigh. It's make me feel bad for make him carry my heavy bags.

"It's done. Nisha, may i ask you for your phone number?" He ask hoping for me to give my phone. number.

"Of course yes since you help me so much since we met." I took out my phone from my handbag and give Suga my number. After he save my number he smile widely from ear to ear. Why he look so happy?

"Thanks, Nisha. I hope we can be friend. I will call you later. Bye. Have a nice holiday."

Suga walk to the taxi and went in it happily. I just give him a small wave and he wave at me back. I just smile see his behavior. He look so cute. After the taxi are out of my sight, i ran to my house's door. Since, my parents didn't lock the gate in front of our house, i just went in. I call my mom while knocked the door. After a few second, the door was opened.

I see my mom standing in front of me with an open arm want me to hug her. I come into her arm and hug her. I miss her so much.

"Omma! Bogoshipeoseo!" I pulled my hug and i face her.

"Nado, my daughter. Lets come in first. Take your bags in as well."

I went in to my house with my bags in my hands. I went straight to my lovely room. I went on to my bed. Ahh.. i miss this bed so much. It's have been 3 month since i didn't went home.

After I'd relaxed my body, i went out from my room and went to the kitchen. I saw my mom was cooking some meals for dinner.
I went to the fridge and take out a bottle of mineral and drank it.

"Omma, where's Appa and Jane?" I ask after done drinking my drinks.

"Your Appa and dongseng went fishing this morning. Maybe they will come back home soon. Appa said he won't come back unless he got caught a fish today." Omma said while cooking the meals.

I just nodded.

After a few minutes, i heard my dongseng's voice from the living room.

"Appa, where we should put him? Is he will be okay?" I heard my dongseng's voice talking nervously. I stand up from my sit and went to the living room. Then, i see Appa carry a guy who is unconscious. His body all wet as i can see there's some water dripping down from his fingers and his cloth.

"Let's put him in your sister's room first." What? My room?

I went to my room where my father place the unconscious guy on my bed. All of my family's member we're gather in my room want to know what actually happened.

"What happened Appa?" I ask my dad.

"Just stay at the outside first. I need to help this guy first." I and my other family members went out. It's really make me curious. I can't see his face. I want to know him. I don't know why but he looks so familiar in my eyes.

"Unnie? When you got home?" My dongseng, Jane hug me from behind.
"Ermm...just now maybe a round 1 hour ago." I answer her. Then she face me.
"Unnie, you will be surprise when you know about this."

My dongseng left me went to the kitchen. While me, i just standing still. Dumbfounded with what she just said. What surprise?


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