Chapter 15

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Woohyun's POV

"Woohyun-a, why Myungsoo want to meet us there?"

I turn my head, facing with Sungyeol. We're now heading to our practice studio with the other members.

"I'd no idea. He just tell me to go there, then he off his phone. He sounds serious."

"Just wait and see. There's must be something important. L never be so serious unless it is important."

Dongwoo hyung interrupted our conversation. Erm, he was true. L never be serious in any matter except if it is important thing need to be deal.

We continue our way to the studio. I open up the door when we arrived. I saw Myungsoo standing in front of the gigantic mirror in our studio. I can see his serious face from the reflection of the mirror.

What is he doing? I entered our studio as well as the other members. Myungsoo turn his body facing us. Then, I saw a girl? And a guy. The guy was lying on the her lap. They're on the floor.

"You're here. Good!"

Myungsoo said and ask us not to make any noises. We just follows his order. My eyes still on the guy. Wait!

Solma.... O.O

"Is that Sunggyu hyung, Myungsoo-ya?"


I'm asked Myungsoo, half shout because too shock with what I just saw while the others also suprised when hear what I just said. Sunggyu hyung is here! But who is this girl? And Why Sunggyu hyung looks....sleeping?

"Sshhuussh! You will wake him up."

Myungsoo put his finger on his mouth, telling us to keep quiet. Then, he ask us to sit around the girl and Sunggyu hyung. Sunggyu hyung still sleeping but I can see his face look like enduring a pain. Is he sick?

"So, what happened actually?"

Dongwoo hyung break the silent between us. The girl lifted her head to face will all of us. She look nervous.

"Miss, can you explain to us now? All of us are here, so, I think this the right time for you to tell us what happened to our leader."

Myungsoo ask the girl. The girl let a hard sigh. She look so nervous and anxious at the same time but suddenly, she give us smile.

"Okay, i will tell to all of you about your leader. Before I start, let me introduce myself. My name is Kim Nisha, and you can call me Nisha."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Nisha."

"No need to be so formal, Sungjong-ssi, just call me Nisha. I'm the same age as you."


Sungjong give a sweet smile. As usual, Sungjong always the one who can be friend with stranger first before us.

"Can you continue, Nisha?"

This time, Hoya ask her. He's sitting right in front of her.

Nisha took a deep breath. After that, she told us everything. All of us were so shocked when listened to her story.

Oh my god! What we're goung to do now? Sunggyu hyung, is it true, you can't remember us? I keep staring at Sunggyu hyung's face. I feel so sorry for him. Why all this happen to him?


Nisha's POV

I let a relief sigh after done with my 'story telling'.Waa! In two days, I need to explain the same thing but the different was the person who listened to my 'story telling'

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