Chapter 13

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Sunggyu's POV

All of them still chatting about their old memories. About their school time, about their life and other girls things. I just sit quietly and sipping my coffee.

When I listened to their story, they make me feel jealous because they still have their own memory while me, I'm lost it!

"Nisha, is that new necklace? I never see you wear it before."

Nabila ask Nisha about the necklace that I gave to her a few days before. Nisha look startled with the sudden question. She didn't answer it or react to it. It's become totally awkward with the silent.

"I gave it to her."

I answer Nabila's question when Nisha still remain quiet. Nabila and the others look at me with full of question marks written on their face.

"For what?"

This time, Mira ask me.

"It's a symbol of my appreciation towards her because she help me so much since I met her. She really work hard to help me regain my memories back. That's all."

All of them make an 'ooww' sounds after listened to my explanation. Nisha just nod, telling them it is true.

"Can I look at it? I found it pretty. Please, Nisha."

Adriana make a cute face to Nisha, begging her to give her to look at the necklace.

"Stop making that cute face! I will give to you, okay?"

Nisha try to unlock the necklace at the back of her neck. I found her having a difficulty to unlock it.

"Let me help you."

I reach my hands to her necklace's lock, then our hands touched.

Nisha quickly take off her hands from me and put it down from her neck. I feel like there's an electric shock when my hands touch with her. What is this feeling? My heart start to beat fast but I try to remain calm and unlock the necklace. After done, I give it to her.


Nisha's POV

"Here, the necklace."

I take it from him and past it to Adriana. She look really impressed with the beauty of the necklace. Yeah, i admit it. The necklace was so beautiful.

Sunggyu keep staring at me. Aish! Why I feel so uneasy when his hands touched mine? My heart still keep beating fast but i try to remain calm.

"Waah, it's so pretty! Where did you buy this, Sunggyu-ssi?"

Adriana ask Sunggyu but Sunggyu seem doesn't hear it. I look at him, he's still staring at me. I become anxious. I think my heart will explode now if he didn't stop looking at me.

I wave my hands in front of his face and he startled then turn his head to other places. He look embarrassed by his own action. I just chuckled.

My friends hand me the necklace after satisfied looking at it. I wear it back but this time, I'm not having any difficulty. Sunggyu just watching me while I'm wear it.

"Guys, how about we having a shopping after this? It have been so long since last time I'm going for shopping. Anyone? Call?"

Without thinking, all of us agree with Adriana's suggestion. I'm so excited when she talking about shopping. I'd been shopping for a long time too. This will be fun.


Sunggyu's POV

I walk behind them. Wwaa! I didn't expect that shopping with girls will be so tiring. They still walking here and there around this shopping mall. From one outlet to another outlet. Didn't they feel tired?

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