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My Manager, My Lover? [Infinite Fanfic] by Alandria6
My Manager, My Lover? [Infinite Alandria6
Skye Song was a tomboyish girl who came to Korea to work at her Uncle's entertainment company. Little did she know that she would be assigned as a manager to the top ido...
My Dangerous Boys' (Myungsoo Infinite Fanfic) (Editing) by Mayseob
My Dangerous Boys' (Myungsoo Mayseob
Fashion King move from Paris to Seoul due to job transfer pulling along his beloved daughter Davichi. New house, new school, new place, and new memory. Meeting school ba...
What If Kpop Idols Had Super Powers: INFINITE {ON HOLD} by AngelicaKate_
What If Kpop Idols Had Super Katie
What would happen if, Infinite, one of the most popular kpop groups gained super powers? What would their reactions be? And also the problems they encounter? Read on to...
Kim Myungsoo: Black Paper Crane by londris123
Kim Myungsoo: Black Paper Craneby londris123
Kim Myungsoo (L) is the cold hearted young master. Jong Dal Sae is just a maid trying to survive on her own. L and his friends take a new interest in the boring young m...
My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyun by kimsyaz
My Amnesia Boyfriend | Nam Woohyunby 🌸Hiatus🌸
[EDITING/REVISING] ❝I dont know you. Get away from me.❞ a story in which a girlfriend was thrown away by her boyfriend but she insist on staying by his side and help h...
Me or Her??™ (Kim Myungsoo/ L Infinite Fanfic) by mikoteows
Me or Her??™ (Kim Myungsoo/ L maria🦋
"You know what they say about hope? It breeds eternal misery." (Cover made by perksofdo) -Completed- ©All Rights Reserved @mikoteows
My princess (Sungjong infinite) √ by saharlee
My princess (Sungjong infinite) √by Sunshine
Elina is a rich girl who doesn't have parent and because of a contract is forced to married with a singer in a boy group named Sung jong..
Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic) by rookiewriter4
Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic)by Rookiewriter4
Woollim decides to have an audition and makes Infinite the judges. Infinite announces that if anyone wants to audition, they must send a video of themselves singing. Onc...
One chance (Kim Myungsoo infinite fanfic) by Fangirlingreasons
One chance (Kim Myungsoo Fangirlingreasons
Sun hee got a phone call from an unknown caller asking if her bakery was crowded. she replied no and after a few minutes, one by one boys stepped and walked in her baker...
as it was | sungjeng | by m__iri
as it was | sungjeng |by miri 🫧
I will tell you a story , a story that will never ends... Sungjeng one shot ခင်ဗျားတို့ တစ်စုံတစ်ခုကို ရူးသွပ်ကြဖူးလား ထိုတစ်စုံတစ်ခုအတွက်ရော ဘာတွေ ပေးဆပ်ကြဖူးလဲ... sung...
I'll be With You In Spirit [Infinite Fanfic] by Alandria6
I'll be With You In Spirit [ Alandria6
Choi Seohee's only wish was to attend school like a normal teenager and make friends with her classmates, but her health always prevented her from doing so. Finally able...
The story of 7 boys who met in an orphanage. They grew up together. This story will tell you about their journey. And how they face troubles together and how they share...
A Week With Infinite [Infinite Fanfic] by Alandria6
A Week With Infinite [Infinite Alandria6
Winning a contest isn't easy, especially if you didn't even sign up for it. Imagine the surprise when HwaYi finds out she won a week with her favorite group; Infinite. W...
Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction] by ChinggyuSpirit
Who Am I?[Infinite Fanfiction]by Chingu.Gyu357
Kim Sunggyu, Infinite's leader went missing after Concert's party one night. After 2 weeks, Kim Sunggyu return to Woollim with a girl by his side. But, Kim Sunggyu's ret...
Trapped in a K-Drama by MelodyThio
Trapped in a K-Dramaby Melody Thio
Nam Eun Hee was an aspiring writer who watched K-Drama on a daily basis for inspiration. She criticized how the stories were very similar in terms of predictable plots a...
Infinite One-Shots by SoJung25
Infinite One-Shotsby xHaru
This story contains random ships of Infinite members. I will even mix-and-match them around, just to make it more exciting. And also, this is all basically boyxboy relat...
I'm An Idol Dad (Infinite L) by madnikkii
I'm An Idol Dad (Infinite L)by Nikki
I was sleeping soundly in our room at our dorm... When suddenly I heard a loud cry... A baby's cry. I went to the dorm's main door to check if it was really a baby. As I...