Chapter 5

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Narrator's POV

"Appa, are you sure we can caught a fish today? It's been 4 hours now but we still didn't caught any fish." Jane start to frust when her father still want to wait until he got a fish. She just sit on the boat watching her father who was so passionate waiting for the fish to be caught by his rode.

Jane just look around the sea. She can see the sun was start to hide itself. She found that the scenery was so beautiful. She took her camera and capture some pictures of the scenery. After she satisfied with her photos, she kept her beloved camera in her bags back.

"Oh, my rode! It's moving. I think we will caught a fish, nae ddal!" Jane's dad start to pull his rode and he was true. He caught a really big fish! Jane smiling happily when saw the fish. 'At last! I can go home after this.' She thought in her mind.

"So Appa, can we go home now?" Jane ask her dad full with hope.

"Okay, we will go home since i caught a fish. Thanks for accompany me, my daughter." Dad smile at Jane from ear to ear while his hand ruffled Jane's hair. Jane just smiling at him. Then, Jane's dad start the engine of the boat and move to the jetty.

After a few minutes, they arrive at the jetty. Jane's dad carry a container that contain the fish that theu caught just now. They start to walk to their car. After done put the container at the booth of the car, Jane's dad go to the jetty again while Jane just wait for her dad in their car.


Jane's Dad's POV

I went back to the jetty. I need to check on the boat again. I want it to be save. After done checking and make sure there's nothing wrong on them, i went to the car back but I don't know why but i feel something in my heart that makes me went to the beach for a while. I walk beside the shore, looking at the sea and feel the breeze. After a few second took a stroll, then my eyes caught a body laying besides the shore unconsciously. I went to the body and i know he is a guy. I carry him far from the sea. I lay him on the sand, then put my finger below his nose. He still alive. Next, i put my hands on his chest and i still can feel his heart beating. I need to save him.

I slap his face smoothly, want to make sure he still conscious or not. After a while, no respond. I start to pump his chest and then puty mouth on him, give him some oxygen. I repeat what i'm doing until i heard him coughing. There's some water come out from his mouth. Luckily, he's save but he still unconscious. His eyes still closed.

I put my right arm under his legs and my left hands under his back and start to carry him like a bridal style. I thought he will be so heavy but he is not. I carry him to my car and my daughter shocked when see me carry the guy.

"Jane! Please open the door. We need to save him." I told my daughter and without hesitation, she follow my order. I put the guy at the passenger's sits at the back after my daughter open the car's door for me. Jane went in to the car back and sit in th front beside the driver sit. I sit on the driver sit and start the engine and drove to my house immediately.


Nisha's POV

So, that's what happen. I just nodded show that i understand the whole story. My dad told to me and my mum what happen actually. Now, my family gathering in our living room after have our dinner just now.

"So, Nisha, i hope you will be okay if i put him in your room for temporary. I felt poor for him. He maybe drown or something. I don't really know what happen to him. Maybe we can ask him when he is awake." My dad said while look at me, hoping that i will understand the situation.

"Okay, Appa. Don't worry. It's a right thing to help others, right? It's not a crime to help people. Am i right?" I just put a smile on my face after said those words. I see my dad smile back at me.

"And, Jane, have you told your sister about him?" I look at my dongseng when my father ask her. What is that about? Jane just shook her heads mean no. I still can't understand whats going on now.

"Whats wrong, honey?" My mum ask my dad. Maybe she is curious too as me.

"I will tell you later. Nisha, i hope you can control yourself, okay? I know you will be completely shock when you see the guy. You haven't see him, right?" My dad ask me.

"Erm! Nope! I can't see his face clearly while you carry him. Why you're saying like that, Appa? Can you tell me."

"Nope. See him by yourself and i want you to accompany him this night. It's just for precaution if the guy awake. Can you?"

"But...." before i finish my words, dad and mum left me and my dongsengs went to their room. I was like... what the..??

I see my dongseng chuckled as she saw me with a blank expression and then she burst into a loud laugh.

"Yah! What's so funny??" I ask her while hit her shoulders.

"Stop hurting me, will you?" My dongseng start to stop laughing and her hand on her shoulders. I glare at t her a sharp eyes, want an answer.

"Don't look at me like that. It's scary. Okay..okay..i will tell you.." i face her want to know the answer.

"But.. you need to see him first."

"Wae??" I ask her. Aigoo.. why all of them acting weird this day. My dongseng pull my hands as she stand up and bring me to my room.

"Yah! You don't have to pull my hand. I can walk by myself."

My dongseng ignore me and she open the door of my room. It's a little bit dark since only the study lamp was on.

I found a guy was laying on my bed unconscious. I really want to see his face. I don't know why but it's come from my heart. My dongseng let go of my hand as i walk to the side of my bed and slowly i can his face clearly.

I startled. I put both of my hands closed my mouth. Is this real? Is this really him? Am i dreaming? But how?

There's so many questions mind and unfortunately there's no answer to all of my questions. I turned my head to face my dongseng and she just nod her head. So, this is true.

I sit on the side of my bed. I stare at his eyes, nose, lips. This is really him. I still can't believe it. My love is in front of me. My tears start to fell down. I cried. What happened to him?

I held his hand gently. I keep staring at his face. The face that i really want to meet.


I whisper to myself anf i fall asleep while my hands held his hand tightly like i don't want to release it even for a second.


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