Chapter 14

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Woohyun's POV

I hope in to our van. Time to go home. All of us finished our photo shoot for a magazines. It's so tiring. I sit next to our manager while the others sit at the back.

Our manager start the engine and drove us to our dorm. I just sit silently while the others still chatting on this and that. After a few minutes, i can't hear any noises from the back. I turned my head to the passenger's sit.

Dongwoo hyung took a small blanket and put it on Hoya and the others. All of them are sleeping already except Dongwoo hyung. I just look at them. They look like had no energy, especially after Sunggyu hyung's missing. Since Sunggyu hyung disappeared, I'm in charged as the leader.

Be a leader not a simple things to do. It's so hard! Even though I just be a co-leader for a week, I'm swear. Being a leader was so tough!
"Yah, Woohyun-a, what are you looking at?"

I look at Dongwoo hyung after hear he call my name. I just shooked my head. Dongwoo hyung continue look at his smartphone. I just watch him. Then, I saw Dongwoo hyung's eyes widened. What's happened?

"Hyung, is there anything happens? Why your eyes widened suddenly?"

Dongwoo hyung didn't say anything but he give me his phone instead. I look at it. This time, my eyes widened just like Dongwoo hyung just now.

'Infinite's Sunggyu was spotted in a shopping mall at ______'

"Solma.... Hyung, is this true? We need to find him now, hyung!"

Out of the blue, I become emotional. I look at the picture in Dongwoo hyung's phone and read the article again and again. I still can't believe with what i just read.

"I don't know Woohyun-a. We can't do that out of sudden. It's late in the night, now. We can find him tomorrow, okay?"

"But hyung..."

"Woohyun-a, you need to remember. You're a co-leader now. You need to take care of us, remember. I bet our CEO must know about this. Don't worry and trust him. He will do the best to find Sunggyu hyung."

I just nodded. Honestly, i really miss this guy! Our leader! I'm feel relief when see him in good condition but at the same time, i feel weird. How come Sunggyu hyung can be there? ______ was so far away from Seoul? What he is doing there?

There's no answer to my questions. I sit properly and look at the view in front of me. I'm still wondering about Sunggyu hyung. At the end, I let the question without answer by sleeping.


Junhyung's POV


"Yah! What's wrong with you, hyung?"

"Erh? Ahhh..nothing."

Dongwoon left me in the recording studio at Cube's Building. I read and look at the photos again. No, this can't be. I'm sure he dead already. How can he survived?

I throw my phone on the table and ruffled my hair frustrated. He can't be here. I won't let he get my 'title'. Not even once!

Sunggyu-ssi, why it's so hard to make you disappeared in this world? Don't worry, this time i will make sure you will never see this world! I promise! I punched the table angrily.

No one can take my title!


Nisha's POV

So, here we are. After a few hours journey, we are now standing in front of Woollim's Building. I never expect to be here especially with Sunggyu next to me.

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