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My Husband Is A Photographer by ehhmilab
My Husband Is A Photographerby Mila
Son Naeun,a girl who struggle with her live to support herself and her twin brother but yet keep a smiles on her.But then,when she and her brother visited their grandpar...
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
Cigarettes | j.jk x iu by amikayela
Cigarettes | j.jk x iuby angel
Ever heard about cigarette kind of love? ५ Language: English Genre: Fan Fiction (Jeon Jungkook and Lee Jieun) Started: 03 - 23 - 2021 Ended:
Falling Inlove With A So-called Gangster's Empress (COMPLETED) by inspirit_keisha14
Falling Inlove With A So-called InspiritMaeLKim
Si Keihzza ay isang retired leader ng Black Empire (gangster organization), maraming nagnanais na makamit ang trono na na sa kanya bilang isang highest empress ng gang w...
The True Meaning of Love || SaiDa (COMPLETED) by NoJamPotatoAuthor
The True Meaning of Love || Zagreus Hades
Fanfiction of SaiDa! Kim Dahyun, a girl who hates socialites, fancy things, and grand stuffs. She only wants her life to be simple and PEACEFUL despite being the richest...
✔ Family Goals by kangtaehee1998
✔ Family Goalsby Kang Taehee
Kisah kakak beradik yang sudah remaja Johnny, Jennie, dan Mark dan punya orang tua berjiwa muda Kris dan Jessica
ℵOverdoseℵ "COMPLETE" by StarlitFictions
ℵOverdoseℵ "COMPLETE"by ✨StarlitFics✨
Надад юу болсоныг би мэдэхгүй... Яагаад би Солонгост байгаагаа мэдэхгүй... Яагаад би эмсийн хүрээлэнд байгаагаа мэдэхгүй... Яагаад би энд байгаагаа мэдэхгүй... Гэхдээ ми...
The Queen Of All ✔  by aesthetepatoot
The Queen Of All ✔ by potato
"Beware or swear to the queen of all" What will happen if you lost your memory and thought that you're in the right hand? [EDITING ON PROCESS] BC: by Imagina...
Can I Trust You? ( EXO Fan Fiction) by SeoulkoreaExo
Can I Trust You? ( EXO Fan Fiction)by SarangSelus
This is a story about a girl who afraid to fall in love again after that incident. So her mom decided to send her Seoul to study in her friend house. she enrolled in Seo...
Meaning Of Love by elysianauthor_
Meaning Of Loveby Elysian Stories
Sooji Melihat orang yang kucintai tersenyum, walau hatiku hancur. Itulah arti cinta bagiku.. Myungsoo Melakukan apapun diinginkannya, sekalipun itu tak membuatku bahagi...
Kidnapped by Bts (GAME OF FATE) by Kimyourine
Kidnapped by Bts (GAME OF FATE)by Kimyourine
Y/N is a 18 years old girl who lost her memories. one day she got kidnapped by 7 boys . Why did they kidnapped her?Does it have anyting to do with her past and what wou...
𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘴 by prettykidd0
𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘦𝘭𝘴by KAI
['92 CLUB LINERS] six young adults believes friendship will sustain them through the rest of their lives.
Living With The Perverts [ COMPLETED ] by sabeereena
Living With The Perverts [ sabrina (on-hiatus)
Highest Rank: #45 in FanFiction #1 luyoon Fancy Jewel Monteverde, Samantha Nicole Monteverde, Chelsea Veronica Monteverde are sisters that needed to Live with 3 Perverts...
K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shotsby JessxD
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Season One by lilmisspadilla
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Season Oneby nicoleee
SEASON ONE Siempre te Amaré means I Will Always Love You Meet Kaylee Villanueva, isang simpleng babae na ang tanging hangad ay magkaroon sya ng isang tunay na kaib...
HERO (Jang Dong Yoon) by Yeoreum_15
HERO (Jang Dong Yoon)by Dewdrop
Yeoreum's life is just a boring life as she does not have a friend when she enters the private high school. Yeoreum is an orphan who surviving with loneliness after she...
AREA 14 by glossysaa
AREA 14by vaklang writer
An action star, serial killer, marksman, technician, psychologist, chief, risk taker, suicidal and aichmomania came together to exterminate the zombies in Area 14. SOON!
I Temporary Lived By Your Side. by LamyaDrew
I Temporary Lived By Your Lamya
《 I'm so happy that I met you and I'm so happy that I temporary lived by your side. I'll always be your number one fan. I'm sorry, and I love you. ...
So Into You by AxJLiu
So Into Youby Aiden Joseph
"I promise,that I will fight for you" "I'm crazy in love with you" "Don't leave me,STAY." ...
My Vampire Boyfriend by lin_skl
My Vampire Boyfriendby SKL_lin
[Myungsoo&Jiyeon Fanfiction....] I'm 18 years old normal girl. I have a very difficult life which I hate the most. It's because my parents fought almost every day since...