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Meaning Of Love by WooSoo_Princess
Meaning Of Loveby ~
Sooji Melihat orang yang kucintai tersenyum, walau hatiku hancur. Itulah arti cinta bagiku.. Myungsoo Melakukan apapun diinginkannya, sekalipun itu tak membuatku bahagi...
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My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
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The Chaser [A Infinite FanFiction] by mintxings
The Chaser [A Infinite FanFiction]by natalia ♡
Infinite. A name the whole town is familiar with, a name all the girls are obsessed over. Kim Myungsoo. Part of Infinite, with this constant hobby of being a player. Par...
Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || Infinite Myungsoo FF by taehyungsqueen_
Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || 김태형 ♥
This story is about a girl (Lee Yeonghun) who got secretly married to her long time secret crush (Kim Myungsoo). For some reasons,she was forced to marry him. Yeonghun's...
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Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic) by rookiewriter4
Secret Singer (Infinite Fanfic)by Rookiewriter4
Woollim decides to have an audition and makes Infinite the judges. Infinite announces that if anyone wants to audition, they must send a video of themselves singing. Onc...
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My Vampire Boyfriend by Skl1201
My Vampire Boyfriendby K. Stephanie L.
[Myungsoo&Jiyeon Fanfiction....] I'm 18 years old normal girl. I have a very difficult life which I hate the most. It's because my parents fought almost everyday since I...
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Let the love begin [COMPLETED] by Letmekeeshyou
Let the love begin [COMPLETED]by kei
[COMPLETED] Naveen Aphrodite Mendoza, ang simpleng babaeng may ordinaryong buhay. Paano kung magising siya isang araw, engaged na siya sa taong ayaw niya? Anong gagawin...
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O R A N G E by jesuissashi
O R A N G Eby sashi
ORANGE, cerita diambil dari sebuah novel yang berjudul sama. [Just sharing the novels that i like] Park Jiyeon ditunangkan. Tanpa dasar cinta, murni karena alasan bisni...
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MY ENEMY IS MY FIANCÉ  by _sexiest_22
MY ENEMY IS MY FIANCÉ by Sexiesttttt
A girl hates the boy who ruined her day is the Boy who loved her that much He loves the girl a lot ..the girl almost kill the boy but someday their life change in an AR...
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Ms. Student Council President Meets Mr. Troublemaker #Villegas Series 1 by mintgreenmagic
Ms. Student Council President mintgreenmagic
IU as Piper Lauren Villegas Kim Myungsoo as Carl Marvin Chua She is the student council President, Strict and cannot be reach, Tahimik at mukhang nerd, And when...
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Infinite L or Kim Myungsoo? in My home? by nesie27
Infinite L or Kim Myungsoo? in nesie27
I'm an 22 years old college students live in Seoul My life is Normal, My Grade is Normal, Everything is normal except My friend is not normal.... My hobby is fangirling ...
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Accidentally Pregnant by Peach_LIE
Accidentally Pregnantby 정애영
What will you do when you accidentally pregnant and next week your going to be engaged with your accidentally man that you Slept with what will you do? Will it become lo...
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The Queen Of All ✔ #TheCallaLilyAwards by aesthetepatoot
The Queen Of All ✔ potato
What will happen if you lost your memory and thought that you're in the right hand? [EDITING ON PROCESS] BC: by Imaginatacia Date Started: June 01 2017 Date Finished: A...
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Married To Myungsoo (Secret Singer continuation) by rookiewriter4
Married To Myungsoo (Secret Rookiewriter4
Another adventure lies ahead for Lee Suah after she signed a marriage contract and told everyone she was the Secret Singer. Suah is now going on a tour with Infinite. Sh...
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Im Inlove With That Gangster by devilheart97
Im Inlove With That Gangsterby devilheart97
Ako si Samantha Santos ang babaeng kinaiinisan ang lalakeng pang-gulo sa buhay ko.Na walang araw na guguluhin niya ang tahimik kong buhay.Ngunit sa isang iglap posible...
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Her Greatest Downfall by Abakadazzzzz
Her Greatest Downfallby Vlyn
ill, hate and self-indulgence. Because of them I felt this thing. Some tears I have caused because of those people I thought were true and they are my greatest downfall.
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S I L E N C E by Kim98happyend
S I L E N C Eby Kim98happyend
Apakah ini tentang seseorang yang harus tinggal untuk keluarganya dan seseorang yang harus pergi tidak bisa dipertemukan. Atau saat-saat di hidup kita di mana kewajiban...
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Red Emerald Stone by hanyooreum
Red Emerald Stoneby Yooreum Han
[Book 1 of Vampire Series] Pernah menonton Twilight, film yang menceritakan tentang kisah cinta antara seorang gadis manusia biasa dengan seorang vampir tampan? Bagaiman...
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My Not So Ordinary Ex-Wife by milkyhundreth
My Not So Ordinary Ex-Wifeby Milkeu
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The True Meaning of Love || SaiDa (COMPLETED) by NoJamPotatoAuthor
The True Meaning of Love || Zagreus Hades
Fanfiction of SaiDa! Kim Dahyun, a girl who hates socialites, fancy things, and grand stuffs. She only wants her life to be simple and PEACEFUL despite being the richest...
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