Chapter 3

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Nisha's POV

"I can't wait anymore!!" I screamed loudly in my room after finished packing my things in my bag.

"Yaah! You make my heart want to fall just now! I know you're excited. So, please behave yourself, can you?" Nabila put her hands on her chest. Surprised by my scream maybe. I turn my head to the left to face her who still packing her things.

"It's been 3 months since our holiday. I know you're excited too, don't you? Arh.. i really miss my home, my family, my special bed," I just put a smile while imagining my room at my lovely house now.

"Okay, i admit that. I miss my family too. So, what are you going to do during the holiday?" Nabila asked me while put some of her clothes in her bag.

"I'm not think of it yet. Maybe watching Kdrama, instagraming, oh yeah, i'm almost forget. I nees to update my insta." I went to my desk at the right of my room and took my handphone then sit on my bed. I open up my insta acc. Uwa! My followers increasing! I've reached 4.0k!! That's amazing!

I quickly edit a photo of my favorite idol beautifully. Then, i post it in my insta acc. I types some caption saying thank you to my followers who always support me and my acc. It's such an honor for me.

Then, i open up my twitter acc. I want to know about him. About my idol. There's so many picture of them that were post by fan account. They all look so handsome and charming. I'm fangirling by myself on my bed.

Infinite. A group of male kpop band that i really love until now and maybe forever. I still remember when i first know them. They all look so handsome and cute at the same time! I just can't stop loving them. I've been an Inspirit since their debut. What a loyal fan i am! Just kidding.

I scrolled down my newsfeed. Then, i saw him. The one who i really love and miss. His smile. It's so beautiful and calming my heart. I don't know why, but he is the first guy who I fall in love with. I never see him face to face but my heart tell me, I love him. Everything about him are nice in my eyes. I keep looking at his photo for a moment until i felt someone taping my shoulder and she is my best friend, Nabila.

"Do you really like him that much? It's been 8 years now and yet you still like him? Not other idols?" Nabila ask me seriously. Nabila take a sit beside me while look into my eyes. I turn my eyes to HIM again.

I sighed. Yes, it's been 8 years since i like him but yet i still can't find any guy more attractive than him. Only him in my eyes.

"I..I..don't know. My heart still for him. I don't know why. I really into him. I know, i will never meet him nor see him in reality. He's far away from me. He is an idol while me I'm just an odinary girl who still studying in Accounting course. I'm nobody especially to him." I said. Nabila put her hands on mine. Then, she pat my head gently. While me, still keep staring at his photo.

" i understand how you feel, Nisha. You need to be strong, okay? Maybe one day you will meet him. Trust in fate. You know, i believe in fate. You just need to be strong and keep pray the best for him. Will you? Erm?"

I just keep silent. I just hope what Nabila said just now will become reality. How i wish i could meet him even just for a minute. I will be very thankful.

"Hey, Nisha." Nabila call my name. I turn my head to face her.

"Yes? What?" I'm ask. Why she suddenly call my name? Strange.

"Nothing. I just wondering, what will happen if Sunggyu at your house when you're back to your home later?"

"What??" I look in to Nabila's eyes with disbelieve expression when she mentioned what she was thinking.

"Are you crazy, Nabila? That's doesn't make any sense, okay? Stop wondering something that will never happen in our life, will you? Crazy."

"Yah! I'm just wondering. I didn't said it to be true! But, what will you do if that happen to you, Nisha?" One more time, Nabila look at me with serious expression.

"Aigoo, stop asking me stupid question will you? I don't want to answer it. This is totally nonsense." I ignored her and continue with my stuff. I stare at my phone again. That's the only way for me to see my lovely idol.

"It's not stupid, duh!" Nabila stand up from her sit and went to her bed and continue her talk.

"I bet you will be totally crazy if that happen to you. I guarantee! Just wait and see."

"Yah! You said like it will really happen when i home later." Aish.. whats wrong with her? I think i will be a psychopath because of this stupid things!

Nabila went to sleep on her bed in front of my bed. Since we live in a hostel, it's had been setups that a room for two students. So here we are. And tomorrow, i will go back home! I'm so excited to meet my family! I really miss them so badly!


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