chapter 27

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Nicole POV

I woke up and jumped. The force made Jason fall off the bed. I giggled and he groaned. I jumped in front of the full length mirror. Looking at myself. I had an awesome date last night and also got a bonus. He marked me. Marking is the first kind of affection. It kinda pains a little but quickly changes to pleasure. The mark was beautiful was an understatement. It was red cause of my blood. It had a moon and two wolves a dark one and a light one. 'Red Moon Pack' was in bold.

I touched it and loved the feeling of being somebody's. I was now officially the Luna of the pack and mate of the alpha. I may have tried to push him away but he constantly keeps me attracting. But I gotta admit. He is way too sexy and hot.

He only twists his plans for me. He smiles more when I'm around. His eyes soften when they see me. His body kind of gets excited when around me. I love the feeling of being loved. Last night was beyond my imagination. Stars, candle night dinner, fireworks, breath taking kiss and also a ship with our name on it.

" good morning honey. Do y-you like it? " he said nervously. " No" I said.
His face dropped as a lost puppy. I giggled." I love it.....its the most beautiful thing happened to me " I said and we kissed. But here's the thing every time I kissed him I couldn't satisfy myself. I ignored and tried every way but all roads led to Jason or more like his lips.....

We had our breakfast. We backed pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and orange juice. He cooked!!! He was purely an amazing cook. We ate and held our hands the entire time.
We packed our stuff and left for the pack house. I was so excited for everyone's reaction. I wanted to shout to the entire world that he belongs to me and I to him.

We reached in an hour and on the way we sang songs that played on the radio. I opened the doors with a spare key and everyone was standing in for welcoming us. They all bursted into cheers and applause. I laughed and Jason held my hand in his. It was like a dream come true.

But I knew it was too good to last....

After two hours of everyone complementing and cheering*

It was almost 1 and it was time for lunch. I wanted to freshen up so I went to the command bathroom as ours was occupied by Jason. Who was singing and dancing. He seemed too happy. So I didn't feel to disturb him. I went to the common bathroom.

I dressed up and did a light make up. I was about to leave when I heard hiccups. It seemed as if someone was crying. I opened the door and found someone I would never find.

Selena crying.....!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes so I blinked few times. She looked up at me and stopped crying just sobbed.
" Go away" she said pushing me away.
" everything ok-?" I said but she cut me. " yeah. Everything is fine" she said. But I wasn't going to listen even if I wanted her cry her lungs out. I felt real bad for her. I patted her back." Well everything does not seem okay. Are you going to tell me or should I ask someone else.? " I said acting to leave. " No no you should not tell him I was crying. He would take me by force." She said. " ' him' who is this guy." I said a little angry." Why do you care " she asked. "Well for humanity sake. Now can you spill the beans" I said frustrated. She nodded.
And I heard the most absurd thing possible. " I Found My Mate" she said in pain. I was a little happy that she did but confused as to why was she upset about that.

" elaborate more " I said. " well I found my mate before coming here. My mate is Glen. He was happy to be my mate but I refused him. He begged me to take that back but I thought I was in Love with Jason. After returning from the lake house I tried to get him back but he called me a slut and pushed me away from his life. Today when I got the news that Jason and you are mates. I felt jealous and wanted my mate too. His warmth, his mark that I could show off." She said almost crying.

" hey you can still get him back." I said encouraging her. " no its too late he hates me. I am going to be Mateless forever. " she said sighing. " its never too late......I have a Plan " I said smirking.

I mindlinked with zac, Stacey, Linda, Jason and every other close friend.

Hey Luna what's up. Zac said.
You OK right. Jason said
Whacha girl Stacey exclaimed.
Nothings up. Guys if you see a fight after lunch stay out of it. I said and they all said ' yes' in sync.

Mission Impossible........ :)

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