chapter 11

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Nicole's pic in the ball>>>

Jason's POV

Walking away from the most beautiful woman was the hardest thing possible. She looked so mesmerizing that I could just stare at her forever without getting even a bit bore. She looked so subtle yet so full of life that I just wanted to kiss her lips and mark her mine forever.

My dreams and her cherry, lavender scent faded as I went away from her. I looked like a lost puppy... I smiled at the way she had an effect on me.

I reached my bunglow and chose my room. Placed my luggage beside the bed. Dropped myself on my bed. Relaxing I was about to close my eyes. The door opened and Selena walked in and she closed the door seductively. I ignored her and started to think about positive thoughts like my mate... My mate was the only thing going on my mind.

Selena opened her blouse " ohh honey you look so tired from the trip..
Let me cool your mind." She said. She started to bend down ..she was such a slut. I ignored her. He was about to touch my forehead but I held her wrists. " I am not tired. You are going to leave my room this instant.LEAVE." I said in my alpha tone throwing her and her blouse out of my room. I huffed finally left. I went to the bathroom, it was not as big as mine but it was not that bad either.

Thoughts of Nicole rushing my heads. She was a distraction but a gorgeous one for sure. And Jake I wish I could take his picture, his eyes were red from the anger, his breath was heavy like he was controlling his actions.

I was strong but so was he but I had a reason I have a mate to claim as mine.Lawrence and I smirked at that.

I got out of my shower to notice Glen holding a piece of paper. He handed to me , it said;

Dear Alpha and his fellow friends,

I Jake, Alpha of the Waterwave pack have organised a little welcoming party for us both pack's and to get to know each other. The Dinner and party starts at 7. At the backyard.

PS: Dress code formal. No entry without a partner.

With regards
The Alpha & Luna.

I was about to tear the paper to shreds when Glen stopped me from doing so." You are going to need that to get in the party." He said. " well we all are going to attend this party get a partner and assemble at the backyard by 7:30. Don't flirt with girls with a mate. I don't want to hurt anyone. Got it. Selena is going to come with me and Stacy with Zach , I already messaged them. Get a partner and meet me at the party." I said and he simply nodded.

I got excited . " I am coming for you darling just 3 more hours. " I said looking at the clock.

Nicole's POV

I wanted to get ready ASAP to see my mate. I was climbing upstairs when one girl pushed me a little and walked. " hey watch where you're going." I said in an authoritative voice. " or're going to hit me bitchy face. " she said shooking her head sideways like I was a child. " hold on to that head of yours or its going to come out....and what's your hurry going like someone's waiting for you." I said. " ohh he is ofcourse.." She said walking to the door, dropping her jacket on the floor and got in her alpha's room giving a wink to me.

My heart broken into a million pieces, I was about to go in and question him about her but then stopped myself from doing so. You rejected him remember wolf said. He had the right to date or be in a relationship. But I was going to change that thought. I was going to surprise him with what he is missing.

I am going to that ball and going to be the gorgeous girl ever.

I began to dress and do make up.

Alpha you are going to be stunned.

*After 3 hours of wait*

I gave a glance at my self ohh...I was looking ravishing.

Jake's jaw dropped low and I smiled. He looked nice but nothing comparatively to my mate.

We began to reach the ball it was 7:10 and our pack was already there. Everyone began to stare at me like I was a bait. I smiled at how stunning I looked. But I was not the only one looking sexy and beautiful. My mate walked with such power showing from his mouth, he looked so amazing in that tux. It was very hard to control my wolf.

And soon I noticed the bitch accompanying him . I glanced a look at her...she looked so...bitchy and slutty. She definitely matched her personality.

We walked towards them and Jake stood a hand for Jason to shake but Jason's eyes were fixed on me. I blushed feeling a little embarrassed but looked at him with confidence and pride. He brought the part of me that I thought was dead. The old me who was lively and confident , I controlled my own life until I met Jake. Everything else came breaking down after I met this horrible person.

We made our way to the dancefloor and so did Jason. It was partner switch dance. After every four steps we had to change our partners.

We were both young when I first saw you...

Love story was playing in the background and the both alpha couples danced in center with others around us. We switched partners and Jason became my partner and his hands griped my waist. We were supposed to change again but held me close not letting me go we danced till the whole finished.

We had dinner and Jake was giving me death glares. I knew I was in trouble but it was worth it.

Dancing with my mate. My wolf was jumping and dancing.

After the dinner ended Jake grabed my hand and dragged me to his room.

I was in deep deep trouble....

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