chapter 5

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Jason POV

I completely broke after hearing what my mate rejecting me. I couldn't do anything because I have no strength. Ben and Chase hit me for a while and left. I sat there for a while thinking about my mate and how beautiful she was. Jake did not deserve her and  even if he did ,he is not getting her she is mine, moon goddess made her for me only me. I always used to excel in studies. But was a little weak and my wolf was not as strong as others. I decided to change that.

I got up and went to my house, my parents died when I was 5 .I was 16 and was going to be the strongest wolf in the entire world. I packed my bag and left with a little food from the fridge and a little money I saved for emergencies. I reached the border and was about cross it when I looked back and thought ' I will return and have what's mine and only Mine '. I started to run away from border. I lost the packs link and soon became a rogue.

       It was past midnight, I suddenly heard a loud voice calling for help. I ran towards the place . it lead to woods the place was very quiet and the breeze felt like a breeze before an upcoming apocalypse. I ran to meet a large wolf crying in pain.

    " I'm not going to hurting you don't worry I know about wounds me I know the best." I said and the wolf nodded. I got near and took out some medicine and started applying it on the wolfs fur.

    After a while the wolf shifted and I stared at her. She was a she wolf, I put some cloth on her body and covered her . I got some clothes for her and she wore it. "If you don't mind me asking ...what's your name and how did you end up here deep in woods.??" I asked calmly.

" I was running when some....rogues attacked me I ran and tried to fight them but they were in a group and I...was alone " she said

"Ohhh" I said prossesing what she said in my mind. " Stacy" she said. "Huh?" I said confused. " my name Stacy Roy" she said giggling.

"Hm...." I said scratching the back of my neck.

" you can come stay with my pack if you want..I 'm sure our alpha will let you in" she said after I told my story to her.

"Yeah ,I guess" I said

"C'mon" she said and started to lead the way.

Slowly she started to connect with her pack link and her pack members came to pick us up. Her members tried to give me deadth glares but she protected me.  When we reached the pack territory ,I thought of the word humongous but it was even more wider. There were some fighting some talking and some staring at me.

         I met alpha Micheal who was very old without a mate and son. I wondered what happened but didn't dare ask. I started my training and that's when I met Myron Stacey's brother. She decided to help me get my girl back. Myron was a 6 feet tall and I was 5'9. He had big muscles and formal cut where he looked handsome. All the girls were staring at him and trying to flirt with him but it looked like he was already taken.

He started talking and asked me to attack him and did as he told me to.
He wanted to see my strength. She said I needed a lot of practice and I had potential I couldn't help but agree with him.

He had a pretty mate but she was nothing compared to Nicole. Remembering her name sent tingles all over my body.

I continued to work on my practice. I imagined Jake's face every time I punched the bag. And my Nicole's face and her smile that pushed me to do more.
I practiced every day to meet my my mate once again.
'Ohh how I missed her touch and her smile would be for me only me'

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