Chapter 3

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Nicole's POV

I looked at Jake astonishingly, his hands roaming all over my hips and waist. I couldn't help but moan. That gave him encouragement and he started leaving kisses on my neck. My head fell on his shoulder but as he started biting a little trying to leave hickeys on my shoulder I pulled back.

"We discussed about this...I said I don't like it." I stated calmly as possible.

"Well I don't care what you like ,or don't like Sweetheart. You are mine and I will do anything to prove you think you look good in these mini shorts ,you think someone from school is going to fall at your feet..... Well Think Again.!!" He said the statement with loads of anger and gripping my wrist so tight that i knew it ,was going to leave a bruise.

"I just said.." He cut me before I could finish. " nobody would even dare to look at once they know your mine and only Mine. I don't intend to share what I love..!!" He said gripping my arm as though his life depended on it. I winced at the pain and he loosened his grip.

I shut my mouth as he wrapped his hand on my waist to pull me closer to him . I wanted our relationship to end whenever I tried to, he would man-handle me and shout at me.


 When he got to know that Miss Alicia (teacher) paired Ben with me for an English project. He Became very possessive and brutal . That was the Beginning of him being a badboy and end of me being Happy .....

At school

He dragged me through the corridor, I tried to ask the reason and he would always stare at me with a look that said Shut-up. When we reached his car, he opened the passengers door. I looked up at him for an answer but instead I got.
"Get in..." He said with venom dripping from his words.
Without any further argument I sat in his car. He closed his door with a loud sound that got me scared. He drove us to his house. His house a big creamy palace with three stories. He stopped the car and opened my door .
God I hate his wolf speed. I thought and got out of the car, he gripped my hand again and dragged me towards his room. " you know I can walk ...." Regretting what I said I looked down at my shoes. He opens the door and lets me in. " I allow you to make friends and you to go to school for completing your education....and you do this behind my back.." He shouted at me.

I and my wolf lara didn't like the way he was talking. " you didn't allow me for don't have any right over me. I am not an object or property..!!!!" I shouted back and started walking towards the door. I was about to open it when he came from behind and shut it forcibly. I turned around to meet his brown and yellow eyes which I always found scary. His eyes were turning black cause his wolf was about to come out.

"" he said each word as he was coming closer to my face there was lust rather than anger , I turned my face to the side. His kiss landed on my cheek instead of kiss. He continued to kiss my jaw and my neck with demand and authority in his every kiss. I tried to shook him off but he didn't even move a bit. I tried a bit more and he held my hands so vigorously I knew that was definitely going to leave a bruise. I just wanted to leave ,I tried to move but he just grabbed my waist a little tighter and held my chin for me to look at him. " Don't .move.I want to take you now and I will if you move even a bit." He said in his alpha tone.

"I am not yours " I shouted, immediately regretting what I just said . I felt a stinging hit on my cheek, I realised he slapped me and I looked at him in shock...but he answered something i never expected him to say....." You will get more if you don't shut up" he said while pushing me on his bed. I tried to move away from his hold but it was no use. I was a werewolf at 16 and half...but he was an Alpha's son. He removed my dress in an instant. Then removed his shirt and ripped my bra off. He looked at me as a bait, I tried to run off the bed while sobbing but he held my leg and pulled me back. I was about to scream when he held his hand on my mouth. I moved my head for letting me go but it was useless. " shh...babes I am not going to hurt me it won't hurt even a bit, but you have to get punishment for disobeying me..shh...quiet.." He said clam as ever with a smirk and desperation written clearly on his face .

God how I want to rip that smirk off his face. When he unzipped his jeans my eyes got widened with fear....I shook my head no. But that didn't change his mind. He kissed my laced white underwear and took it down. I wanted to save myself for my mate but guess that would not be happening. That's when I realised his kisses on my private part. I gasped and he must have thought it was a moan and continued to do whatever he was doing. He started licking my clit in round motion. Tears started to fall from my eyes. I began sobbing he stopped and brought his eyes closed to mine. He smirked and thrushed his pinus inside. It was hard as marble. He began thrushing in and out for some time. After some time he drifted to sleep but I was awake as an owl. Still sobbing I tried to escape but he held my body too tight.

Morning when he woke up he kissed my cheek and smiled." Good morning babes.....hmmm......" He said smiling in the crook of my neck. "You  will not tell anyone ......or else I will kidnap you and bring you here, you wont be able to complete your education, meet your friends and your parents will be kicked out of the pack because of you. You Know I get what I Want... so we clear and this will be our daily routine.." He said and I gulped in fear.

**End of flash back**

I got out of my thought and realised I was in my second period that was P.E. Jake sat beside as usual and Natalie sat on the other side. I had not told anyone about that incident not even my best friend. I couldn't risk my education and my parents future.

I just wish my strong mate takes me out of this mess......

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