chapter 10

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Nicole's POV

i woke up in the morning hearing a thud sound. My eyes searching the source of the sound. i gut up from bed and walk towards the door. I see Jake throwing things and hitting hitting the wall that caused dents to arise. Fear took control and I couldn't move legs, he stopped and started to walk towards me. As he took another step back as he took one ahead. I was stopped by a wall....pretty cliché moment I thought to myself. " I like it when your scared of me. Makes me feel relived..." He said calmy.

I was confused.. Soo..he wants me to be scared of him...??!!. This made me angry..very angry. " I know for a fact that you're not going anywhere..... But if you even try to...I will punish you and even mark you." He said getting a little angry towards the end. He placed both his hands on the either side of me. No escaping now is there..? I thought to myself. But analysing what he said. 'Mark Me' I'm not even his mate and if a wolf is not marked by her mate. The mark vanishes after a day or two. But I knew he would mark me after every two days. Going through that pain every two days was worse than hell. Plus it leaves your body very weak. I simply nodded and a big smirk came on his face.

After dressing up and having breakfast I started to walk towards the 1 entrance where the guests would arrive soon.

It's was 10:30 and they were supposed to get here at 10 am..!! I hate when people are late. At last, we spotted two black SUV'S entering. Jake and I were at front. Since we were The Alpha and Luna. Jake held my hand and squeezed it a little too hard which made me remember about the morning incident. I gulped and looked down.

The car stopped at the door and two huge men and two strong women came out with attitude and pride gleaming at their faces. They stared at me instead the Alpha which made Jake furious. The brunette girl brought a hand for me to shake it. I nervously shaked it. "You must be Nicole...." She said confirming. I nodded replying a yes. " you're even more prettier than he mentioned." She said smiling. "Who is this HE I may ask. " Jake said with jealousy.

The door suddenly opened and a man with lean muscles and dark brown hair came out. The scent hit my nose and I got to know who he is. His black leather jacket with white T-shirt and blue jeans. He smelt like cinnamon and strawberries. "..Jason..." I blurted out. A big smirk appeared on his face which was evil but hot as well.

" Meet Red Moon pack's Alpha." Both the boys said.

He slowly started to walk towards me and I just stood there like a nincompoop. Jake growled and Jason spared one look that made his restless. Two members of our pack held him back from hurting the Alpha but I don't think Jake can do any damage to my mate..

"Hello Nicole, happy to see me back, darling..." He said touching my jawline. I felt warmth from his fingers and my wolf moaned.

He walked around and left like nothing happened.

My wolf was howling with joy and also the fear that my mate might Reject Me....
After all I rejected the hottest Alpha...

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