chapter 15

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Jake's POV.

I woke up in the morning at 9 am. I 'm not a morning person. I didn't find Nicole in my room instead found her note. Which said.

Dear Jake,

Good morning.. First of all. Today is the 13th. Thomas and Bella's trip. You were asleep so zac and Stacey came with me. Breakfast in fridge third compartment. I have asked Pandora to make you lunch and dinner till I arrive.

With regards

I know she hated me but she still made me breakfast. I smiled at hr kindness and innocense. That's what attracted me towards her. I hit her and forced her to do things because I loved her. I got dressed and went to excercise in gym. I got down and looked at the time 11:00 am. I ate breakfast and saw Glen walking depressed. " where's your alpha this morning...sleeping with that slut again.." I said smiling. " she is not a it prick.And alpha has gone to that trip of those kids.." He said.

" Mind your tongue... And why did your alpha go with them...zac and Stacey are not enough. " I shouted.
I was angry and called of my friends. " we are going to that trip where are they." I asked. " they must have started hiking sir." He said.
" We're going that place tommorrow " I said in my alpha tone. They nodded.

I was furious. I called Nicole to come back but she was not picking up.

Jason's POV

We started hiking it was around 10:15 Nicole was fast, Thomas too. They were used to climbing.

" I'm tired jase I can't walk anymore. I quit. Let's go home.....yeah lets go back. " bells said. " Hey....'Woah hold the're quiting...we didn't climb for an hour to quit right...we're almost there. C'mon princess my girl is not a quitter. " I said encouraging her. She smiled, nodded and started walking forward. I looked up and saw Nicole saying 'thank you' with her mouth. " I 'm tired we need to take a break... " guys take a stop. " I said. The coach nodded. " c'mon...its only 10 min since our last break. We'll never reach the lake by this pace. " Thomas said. " its okay aunt Selena is not used to a lot of work you see. " Nicole said playfully. We laughed and I sat on the rock. Until Selena screamed "Aaaa lizard....aaaaa...I hate bugs and things that crawl...ugh.." Selena said. Bella laughed and Selena was about to scold her. " you little twit..." She said but nicole came in between." She's a kid c'mon it was just a prank, forget it she said. " And you you're a swin-" she said but I cut her.

" Selena stop..Don' need to use inappropriate words...." He said in his alpha tone. Bella and Nicole showed their toungue and began walking. We reached the lake house by noon.

We set our tent and began to cook lunch. I heard a phone buzz. It was Nicole's. No other that Jake the alpha.
I switched it off and took out the battery. We ate lunch and played hide and seek, frisbe, fished...I caught a medium fish but Thomas caught... A huge fish which I knew was Nicole's and Thomas's teamwork. We cooked the fishes. It was 8:00 and time for dinner. We had was damn tasty...Selena just sat at the corner in her mini shorts listening to music whereas everyone was working.

We set a campfire, danced a bit and sang more. " There are so many mosquitoes here ...god this place is even worse than I thought. This liquid is not working genius's Thomas and Bella.." She said irritated.

" let me see the liquid your applying...this is uhh..sugar water it attracts mosquitoes more. " I said trying to hold my laughter. " ugh you are two...swines..I going to sleep.." Selena said and left for sleeping. We all slept outside near the campfire. Staring the stars. Sleep took over us.

Bella's POV

It was around midnight.I and Thomas woke up. We were the evil twins. We got up and searched for Selena

" there she is" Thomas said pointing a finger at the tent. She was sleeping on a bed. We dragged her out of the tent towards the lake...and left her floating on water.

"Serves her right...calling us swines slut..." I said and we both clapped and went to sleep beside Nicole.

Nicole was my favorite person in the whole world.

In the morning*

Selena's POV

I woke up by the sound of the hen. I swear this forest needs to be more civilized. I felt something wet on Palm of my hand. I brought my hand close to see. It was white and eyes went wide when I realised it was Shit...!!

" ahh......aaaaa...." Was all I could say until I dropped myself in the water surrounding me.

I was in the middle of the lake. I knew whose prank this was. I started to swim towards the fatal shore.

I was now wet top to bottom. Jason was out of his sleeping bag. He was so sexy but nothing compared to my mate...wait what where did that come from, my mate is a loser.

" those twims did this on purpose. I am going to kill them.I am going to twist their asses upside down." I said with anger. " don't you dare. " he said.

" Why do you care ?!" I said confused.
" because my mate does." He said. " really now you remember your mate...all the times we had was ...nothing to you." I said a little hurt.

" I always remembered my mate no matter what ...I did all of this for her." He said showing his body and his strength. "And were a distraction." He said. I was heart broken and I bursted to cry. He didn't even notice and left. I got on Zach's bike and left for the pack house. One thing on my mind. My Mate. I needed comfort. And only my mate could do that.......only my mate..

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