chapter 38

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Scarlett's POV

"Names Sebastian Salvatore " the handsome guy said putting his hand forward. I was about to shake my hand but Kevin shook his hand from behind and held my hand. "Scarlett Harrison" I said anyways Sebastian growled at kev but I kept my hand on his forearm. That made him calm surprisingly. " Kevin this is uh..Sebastian. Sebastian Kevin" I said being as calm as possible. Its not that easy to introduce your ex-boyfriend that you dumped and crush/future boyfriend. i let out a sigh of relief. " He means something to you" Sebastian said. i was about to answer a no but Kevin answered on my behalf. " Yes i'm her boyfriend you gotta problem with that" kev said and my face turned towards him in utter shock. " From the looks on her face it doesn't seem so" Sebastian said.

They came closer and i had a feeling they were gonna hit each others face. "Guys don't..." but the manager cut me before i could say. "We are so pleased that this year two of the world's largest pack's future Alphas chose our camp." The guy said smiling his practiced grin. He looked pathetic.
Compared to the handsome guys in front of me.

Kevin was as always handsome but Sebastian was intoxicatingly handsome. For some odd reason I chose Sebastian over Kevin. But for now I was started to think about two pack alpha who was the second one. I knew there were only two groups. Red Moon Pack and Rogue/Darkmoon Pack. I was one of the alpha who was my enemy. The Rogue Pack alpha's name was........
Jake Salvatore. Wait a second Salvatore.......He is my Enemy

I looked at him and he looked as shocked as me. "You're the future alpha of Rogue Pack" I said just to make sure. "Darkmoon pack actually and yes I am.....and wait a second you're a Harrison. Pls tell me you have a brother. " he said. How dare he!! He thought that if I had a brother he would get the post but not me just because i'm a girl....ugh...

"No I don't you gotta a problem with that mister" my tone suddenly changed from happy to attitude.
" And whatever happened at the bar....forget it. We are not friends." I lied though I was dying to be from inside. I turned my heels and walked away from him.

I didn't believe it he lied about being a Salvafight
.....probably ashamed of it.
But I was not going to ditch my pack just because he was freaking gorgeous.

No I am going to my daddy's girl. I am going to win every game againt his pack. I will show him his place.

I hate him and that's never gonna change..... Never.

I walked towards my room. It was not great like a penthouse but it wasn't that bad. The house was made out of wood. There was a piece of paper hung on the door. I snatched it and began to read.

This is the schedule for the days you'll be living with us.
11:00 - Fighting girls and boys
01:30 - lunch at the hall
06:00 - wolf fight (selection for finals)
09:00 - Camp fire.

08:00 - breakfast at hall
10:00 - assembly for fighting techniques by experts.
03:30 - wolf match Finals
05:00 - Trophy distribution.
07:00 - Dico ball
09:00 - camp fire

Day After tomorrow
08:00 - leaving for home.

Could be the first to say Ew..I thought in my head. It was as in a,boarding schools. It was totally kiddish. I had never heard dad telling me about the arrival of the Darkmoon pack in this club. Other wise he would never have send me here in the first place. My dad really hates the Rogue Pack. He never tells me the reason behind it but its on the top of my list when I become the alpha. "You know that was too much ,even by my standards" I hear Bella grumble. " We are not friends. Ough please..." She said imitating me. But I decided to ignore her. " I think she did nothing wrong. That twit totally diserves it." I hear Kevin shout at Bella and Tommy getting in between them. Ever since Bella became 16 Tommy has turned into this caring-obsessive brother.

Before that he was the one who used to pick on her and I used to save her from him. Bella was a late boom. She didn't shift at 13 when the rest of us did. Everyone's opinion about her changed except mine. Trust me Kevin and Tommy were best buddies until they turned 16. When I came in a relationship with Kevin he literally didn't talk to me for a week. Me and tommy not talking for a week ,now that's worse than world war one......

I shook that thought away.

When I told that to Sebastian 'We Are Not Friends' i knew i meant to say
'I Hate You' there was a small hurt in my heart. As if i experienced a
mini- heart attack......
Wierd....Very wierd....I wonder why that happened????

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