chapter 21

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Nicole's POV

White was the first colour I could see. It was white....the walls, ceiling, even the floor. I walked a little. It was clam and that got me irritated. It was too calm.Maybe.....someone is-

"shh.....clam down my child. There is no threat here." Said the man in white cloak with golden collar. He looked very old and had a stick to gain support for walking. "Don't tell me its heaven." I said looking around.
"Well technically it's not." He answered. " Then what is it." I asked. "Well.....according to me its a safe place." He said. And smiled. "Why are you smiling." I asked ......Kay this guy is a weirdo. Stay Away.

"Who are you." I asked. "I'm your subconscious mind." He answered. I simply nodded "what are you doing here" I asked. "You are not asking the right questions." He said and slowly faded. I was confused. Very confused.

I tried to see through the white. I could see a face. My Mate was looking straight at me. He walked and kissed my forehead. He is so hot. ...........I'm not going to admit it to him.

My eyes slowly opened. I could see my mate leaving. I tried to call his name. But I was too weak. I pressed his fingers. He stood at his place. He screamed for doctor. I slowly opened my eyes. I mouthed Hi to my mate. His smile widened as if he had conquered the world.

The doctor left after writing a prescription. Jase came closer. I tried to get up .but-
" shhh....don't " he said in caring and alpha tone. I knew why he did that though. His mate was almost going to die. Almost. I frowned but agreed and slept. Asking him to sleep beside me. He nodded and got on the bed next to me. He wrapped his hands around me. For the first time I felt safe and comfortable. Not scared and not a chance of fear within me.

After two days of relaxing Nicole is strong now. In the morning.

My eyes opened slowly. The sun didn't even shine. So went back to sleep.i was smiling...... Until I heard a knck at the door."Rise and shine..... Sunshine"
Jason said. I groaned. I didn't answer and pretended to sleep. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to take me to gym. He is supposed to be training me. He told me yesterday. I refused but he said in an Alpha tone.

I refused again and these were his words. "I am your new Alpha. And as a member of this pack you will have to listen to me." He said smirking.
I was beyond shocked. I gulped.
This was heavy info. He came near and smiled more I turned and left.

Remembering that makes my blood boil to accept that. I had no option I guess. I frowned at that.

The door opened slowly. And he crept in . "I know you're awake. Piece cake." He said. I felt his hands under my torso. I shivered and he smirked.
I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed my neck passionately. Damn this mate bond.....I knew what he was going to do next. Before that could happen. I slid under him. Making him fall on the bed. I ran towards the bathroom. He smiled and laughed. I dressed up in my gym suit and completed my daily chores.

I got out and his smile got filled with lust. "C'mon now we're getting very late. " I said. I could feel his frown . my wolf sighed and I felt pain in my heart. I ignored it. I saw my mom making pancakes. I loved her pancakes. I quickly grabbed a stool and was about to sit. But someone took it out of the way and my bum kissed the floor. "Ow...." I said. Looking up to see a smiling Jason in black sleeveless v neck shirt. His muscles protruding out. "Take a'll last longer" he said siting on the stool. My stool. He ate a pancake in a go and I was going to do the same but mom didn't allow. I frowned. "After the training." She said. I was about to protest when Jason grabbed my arm. Not tightly to hurt. We entered the gym and i didn't try to shook his hand away........ What the bloody hell is happening to me.

We started to warm up. After ten minutes I was panting. He started to begin the fight. "Attack me" he said .
With pleasure....I thought.

I tried to punch him. But he grabbed my wrist and turned me around. My back to his stomach. He gripped my hands. "That's all you got?" He asked inhailing my scent. I pushed my hips behind and shook my hand out of his hold. I gained my fighting skills.

I attacked again and he saved himself. Not attacking me. I felt attraction. I ignored every time and my wolf winced. He taught me how to hit a man or a women in human and wolf form. Something was wrong.

After the exercise. While eating bacon and pancakes. I started to think about all wolf. I asked my wolf.

What the hell is happening to me.

You're in heat idiot.

Hearing the word heat. I froze on my place. Jason kept his hand on my shoulder. "You okay." He asked. I felt my blood boiling deep down. Only way to get rid of heat is.....he has to Mark Me.

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