chapter 8

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Nicole's pic after 4 years>>>>

Nicole's POV

things have gone to worse from the day Jason left. yep I went to meet him next day but found his note.

Four years before*

Dear Waterwave pack,
I am sure you won't be searching for me but if someone really wants to know ,then I left the pack. I knew I was too vulnerable and weak .I am going to change that ASAP.
I don't deserve to be in the pack and my ex- mate made it clear after rejecting me. I won't be back as I am not needed.
With love,

I was broke and fell down on the floor crying and sobbing. After crying for about two hours ,I decided to get to pack house before Jake gets to know I ran from the house. I tucked the note inside my side pocket. Cleaned my tears and started walking towards the pack house.

I reached the house and entered. Jake was sitting on rock chair quitely. I started walking towards his room.

"Why running..? Did you do anything. Wrong...? He asked and I could sense his anger.
"No..nothing wrong just taking a walk in the park." I said sttutering
" there is an excuse. Don't. Nicole James Barette.." He said shouting. That send me shivers down my spine. He grabbed both of my hands and pushed me against the wall. I tried to leave but he trapped me between his hands. He growled and i shivered.

He slapped my cheek and that hurt as hell. I caught my cheek sobbing from the effect. "I'm going to ask you one more time....where were you??" He shouted. " I was at Jason's place....he left the pack." I said as I started crying loudly. "Well that's even better....wouldn't want an omeaga running around now would we?" He retorted. He seemed to be happy and I was sad as a lost puppy.

Four years later

I kept the note to myself having his scent near me but it was fading year after year. I dressed up and went downstairs slowly to make breakfast for Jake. I made pancakes and heard Jake coming downstairs. I had changed a lot from the past four years. My eyes were puffed from crying, my eyes had dark circles, my cheeks were crimson red, I had marks on my stomach due to Jake's beating.

He used to hit me whenever I used to do small mistackes. Jake wrapped his arms around my waist. I faked a smile and he kissed my earlobe. I ignored it and he made me face him. His eyes starring through me. I winced and scowled. He was about to insult me when his phone rang and he picked up. It was his father\retired alpha.
He left the pack territory to his beloved son and his mate. Everyone thought we were mates. I became the Luna of the pack while Jake became the alpha. "Hide your face with make up dad's coming and I don't want him to know anything it?" He said gripping my hands.

I dressed up and applied make up though wolf was healing pretty fast.
I wore a simple floral frock and went down stairs. His dad had already arrived and I faked a smile. " how is my favorite princess...??the alpha is not troubling you is he?." He said in a sarcastic tone.

Right there I wanted to scream"Yes...he fucking abuses he every fucking second of my life...princess I look like shit..!!" I thought but I just shook my head.

They began to talk about pack stuff and I left them alone for that. Jake's dad seemed pretty scared as a tsunami was on its way. And seeing an alpha scared is a last thing I would imagine. Jake continuously disapproving of whatever said by his father. I thought i'll ask him later and gazed out of the window. My life was messed up. My parents left for a mini vacation with Jake's parents. My sister was in the training camp. Though I could feel that she was changing day after day. Jake 'prohibited' that's the word he used to make my friends leave or stay away from me even my best friend but she found her mate and moved in his pack. We talk sometime but not on regular basis. She seemed really happy in her pack.

Jake shouted something and grabed me by my hand and we both left. He was angry as hell and I didn't dare to ask him anything. The moment we reached he started kissing me forcibly and didn't utter a single word. He ended up raping me with arms around my waist. It hurt so much god but there was nothing I could do. Tears left as he held much was going to leave a bruise for sure.

I just wanted to run and I was making plans for it on his birthday as everyone around is very drunk and gaurds are not around that bit. I made a deal with the head security guy and he agreed as Jake was not a pleasant alpha and insulted him numerous times. I smiled at the fact of me leaving. Just one more weak and nothing could stop me not even god.

I wondered about their conversation(alpha and his father).

Next morning, I got to know that a pack called as 'Red moon pack 'were coming in our territory for his father called them for help and training our new werewolves. Their old alpha was a close friends with our old alpha. I heard stories about the new alpha of that pack. He was strong as hulk and handsome that every girl fell in love him. I wondered what he looked like.?

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