chapter 31

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After one long year..... Things have changed drastically. They are now adults and control their life now.

This is the song Jason proposed Nicole for marriage!!!

Marry you - Bruno Mars.

Jason's POV

It was almost a year. I can't believe this Nicole actually said yes to my proposal of marriage. I started to remember all the things I had set for her. Hot air balloon, exotic dinner and then heart shaped diamond ring.
" Rose protects its beauty with thorns
But a woman protects it with a veil.
And Nicole Barette I would love to protect and care your beauty for eternity." I said kneeling on one leg.

She nodded and finally said yes.
I got up and slid the ring in her finger and hugged her. I was jumping with joy and my wolf was too.

We decided the date to be 18 March.
I was happy and so was she.
This could be our Happily Ever After....

Jake's POV

It was almost an year and I had gotten very close to Brady. I had found many opportunities to kill him but the member would think I killed him in mistake. One day had entered a wolf competition which was a national competition of Mystic Falls. I entered the competition. I killed him and he didn't even realise it was me. I was now the rightful Alpha of the pack. Right after the fight I had send my secret eye to find an update of Nicole. much I missed her. I actually yearned for the nectar of her soft skin. Morning came quicker than I thought. I woke up but found someone sleeping beside me. It was Jeanette. It was hard to keep away from her. She looked so much like Nicole. I had been with her ever since I became the alpha. I slowly took my hand out of her hold and went to the bathroom. I did my daily chores.

I walked down and everyone bowed their head in respect. In this past year I had captured many packs. Some were made prisoners while some joined the pack. Leonardo became my beta as I didn't want a beta too strong. I had the fear of losing my position as the Alpha. I made myself a coffee. I got a call from my secret eye/ detective. "Hi good morning. Found her" I asked and he replied a yes.
" how is she?" I asked. "She's the way you described her. Here I'll send a pic of her now." He said and I received a message. I opened it. It was Nicole's. God she looked just the same. Beautiful and pretty.

" Boss..." He said. "Yes....!!" I said telling him to continue.
"Jasonaskedherformarriageandshesaidyes" he said. " sorry what I didn't catch that." I said in a worried tone.
" Jason asked her for marriage and she said yes . She's engaged " he said. "He asked her yesterday. Sorry boss." He said and I cut the phone. I started to think again about my plan. My list was almost complete. Only the last thing was left. That Jason I'll kill him.
She is married to Jason you can do anything. Can we find our mate wolf said. She is our mate whether you like it or not I replied.

I was an Alpha now and I knew the importance. I couldn't just leave my pack and go fight for love. An idea struck me to have an heir. I had to have an heir to my pack. I had to forget Nicole for a while. I had to find an heir. Right that moment Jean came down. I could mate with her. We have practically slept together so why not.

I went to her and kissed her passionately. " Jean I have been thinking over this for a while now. I have decided to make you my packs official Luna. But for that we need an heir. So Jeanette Barette will you be my Wife?" I asked getting down on one knee. Girls loved this kind of stuff. She smiled and nodded yes.
I will have an heir and he will fight for my love......

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