chapter 22

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Jeanette (Nicole's sis) pic>>>>

Jason POV

She stood up like something bit her butt. I looked at her stool....nothing.
" you Kay...Nicole." I asked shiking her. She didn't look at me and shivered. " you feeling cold..? Answer me nic" I said getting a little irritated.
I started to take my sweatshirt off. She looked at me and turned her heels and ran upstairs. I was confused .......very confused. I stood up but stacey stopped me. " I'll talk to her." She said and I simply nodded. She went upstairs and hall got quite after a while. Why the hell is she acting this way.....?!

Nicole's POV

The door opened and Stacey walked in. "You wanna talk." She asked. I nodded. " imagine....imagine Kay....if your friend found her mate but she has had a terrible experience in the past. She has lost hr trust and doesn't want the mate bond." I said slowly and calmly. " if this friend can...then she should at least give one chance to that guy. Or she could ignore the mate bond if she can." She said. " Kay...bu-but not a word to Jason. Not. A. Word." I said, she sighed and nodded.

She left I looked at the clock. It was 12 and I was feeling very sleepy. I pulled the covers and slept.

After 2 hours

Bing Bing Bing my clock shouted and I
Woke up and looked at that clock. Frustration took over me and I there the clock on the front wall. The clock broke with its pices scattered on the floor. A smile of victory shone on my face.I was about to continue my beauty sleep but I heard footsteps. The door opened and amazing chocolate cinnamon smell hit my nose. My eyes closed by the power the smell held. I had to open my eyes to see the source. But when I did I saw Jason standing with a chocolate ice cream. He had this big smirk on his face. " I figured you must be starving so...I got you some dessert." He said a little nervous. We made him nervous.... My wolf sang. But I simply ignored.

" Not really...." I said indirectly telling him to leave. But I didn't want him to really leave. God I am one heck of a confused lady. My stomach groaned for lack of food. He smiled. " you know you're not that fat....don't starve yourself." He said smirking. And....He is back. " first of all....I know I'm not fat. Second I always loved desserts and last I don't need a 'complement' from you." I said a little irritated but duying to hear those words back.

Control Nicky ....control.....

I stood up and snatched the ice cream from his hands and opened the door. He sighed and went out without any protest. I was shocked my jaw was practically on the floor. The door suddenly opened and Jason pecked on my cheeks. My eyes and his smile widened. " Mine" he said in his sexy voice and left. My wolf was the happiest wolf alive and my human was too. I thought about it all night after dinner. I didn't speak much at the table. Was I doing the right thing by ignoring the alpha...?! I mean I already rejected him once. He is not that angry. Maybe he is a good guy after all....He Is Not A Good Guy.
My human answered.

I ignored their fight. And let darkness get the uppen hand.

In the morning.*(She goes to university last year.)

My eyes opened but I closed them several times. It was 6:00 on the hanging clock on my wall. I grunted but got up. It was the day after winter vacation. Suddenly Jake came over my mind. Where was he?! I wondered. I woke up and got dressed.

I hadn't seen him since I returned but I didn't care. All that guy did was hurt me so I could live without pain right.
I got downstairs and opened the front door. Jason was standing on his car smoking a cigarette. He wore a dark jeans and white polo shirt. His sunglasses dark and looked a bit scary. " Hi babes...good morning " he said excitedly but I ignored and walked past his car. His face dropped but I just had the feeling he wasn't going to give up. I heard the engine car start and I knew he would stop near me and would say please. It was always that way. I was preparing to smile but he sped off.

I was left dumbfounded.How dare he?

I reached school and got in talk with my group. We were gossiping about boys and lame fashion wear of girls these days. When Jason's car arrived. Why was he so late?!! Who's there in the car with him!! Better Not A Girl...

Jason's POV

After speeding off like that with Nicole. My alpha became very proud.
I started to think about yesterday.........

I couldn't help overhearing what Nicole said to Stacey. I know she had had a worse relationship but I was her mate....I would never hurt her. That moment I felt to hold my mate but she was better off. I kept on thinking over lunch what to do. But then I couldn't resist going in her room that noon. But the moment she opened that door I knew she was stubborn and was going to refuse this relation between us. But as I being the Alpha Of The Red Moon Pack.....I except this challenge.

I smirked and noticed the road. The university was near. I took a turn and started to drive with full speed. I started to remember who did Nicole hate the most. I could use her to make her jealous. But who.....

One person in the entire world...............Jeanette Barette!!

Nicole's small sister, she always didn't like her sister as she was the black sheep of the pack. She was sent to boarding school when she was ten. But she used to come in holidays.
I reached her school. I saw her probably with her group. She was two years younger to me but I ignored that fact. Nicole would get soo frustrated. My smile widened.

"Who are you...Mister" she said seductively but she was not a beauty compared to Nicole. " Jason Harrison " I said taking out a hand for her to shake. She shook it after sometime. " Jason jasy-daisey" she said smiling."Actually the Alpha now." I said in my alpha tone. She got quite.

"You wanna get out of here." I said smirking. "Obviously" she snorted.
" Well today is the day your wish will come true. You will get out of here but you will have to do something for me." I said. "Anything....please get me outta here." I smirked.

I got her out of that dreadful place. I explained her everything on the way. I was super late. Nicole must have reached. Jean changed into shorts that I had bought her yesterday itself.
I stopped in front of the school. Everyone's gaze was fixed on us. I stepped out and could smell nic getting jealous. Then their jae dropped when jean came out.

She grabbed her satchel and wrapped her arms around me. I could hear Nicole growl. I smirked and we started walking towards our classes. As Alpha of the town I got jean admissioned in the university 3 year. I was about to leave but I saw nic and turned around. Pulled jean towards me and kissed her passionately.

I pulled back and jean was still dreaming. I pecked her on lips and turned. I almost reached the class. But got pulled by Nicole.

" Jason Harrison what the heck is She doing here." She said fuming with anger. "I overheard you yesterday......lets have a bet." I said getting a little happy. Her face turned to a frown. "We are mates. The bond will get stronger day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by-" I was about to say but she inturupted.
" Yeah we get the point." She said.....she is restless!!

"Whoever comes first to confess their love to the other loses. The winner gets the pride and loser has to listen to anything the winner says." I said.

She said the three magical words that I was waiting forever....

"You are on " she said.

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