chapter 19

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Nicole POV

" Wake up...bitch!!" Someone said. I was unconscious to hear it. "Bloddy hell wake up." Someone shouted this time. I felt cold water hit my face like a hard slap and woke up. My eyes opened but closed due to bright light. After a while my eyes opened and I saw brady smirking. He wore leather jacket with red shirt and black jeans. He was smoking a cigarette. He looked so evil.

" like what you see" he said smirking.
"If I like garbage then maybe yes" I said.smiling. I was tied to the wall. The smell was even worse than garbage. He said on a chair before.

" So honey.....tell me about your boyfriends pack's loop hole." He said.
I didn't answer. " I get the silent treatment..??" He said saying with the puppy face.

Trust me it was the lamest face anyone could ever see. " What was that...?!!" He said.... I guess I said it out loud. " you heard me." I said but regretting the next moment after.I felt a rock hitting my stomach. He punched me. " what.... now you know what's pain.." He said. " That's the best you got. Even a five year old could hit better." I said. " you want better huh..." He said. I didn't understand what he meant. " Cedric bring her." He said." Yeah...really what a man. Calling a girl to do your job. I bet she'll do it better." I said.

Cedric came out with a box. " you know how to push my buttons girl. And now you're going to regret. " he said taking out a lash out of the box. My eyes widened with fear.

He walked behind me." Tell me where the pack makes wepons." He demaded." Really why are you going to tell mommy." I said sarcastically.
He raised the lash and struck me hard on my back.I almost thought he ripped my back in two parts. I gasped at the struck. That was very painful.
" now are you ready to answer Nicky." He said playfully. " hm...I must that felt like a cotton ball." I said loudly.
He must have struck me at least 5 times until I fainted.

Mate please come soon...I am buying all my wolf could say.

No he is not coming here. I answered my wolf and it kept quiet. They didn't even offer food. Bastards I must say all of them. Filthy rogues.

Jason POV

My wolf was happy when he kicked that Jake's ass. I could hear all the members of the Waterwave pack. They didn't even argue. It was 8 and I was exhausted. I kept calling att the neighboring states, towns, Alphas for coming together and they all agreed.

Brady doesn't even know what's coming his way. I could sense pain from Nicole's wolf. I couldn't mindlink her because we were very far. Mates could but only after they bond together. They can read each others minds and link it from a far distance.

I got a call from cedric. He used to be in our pack but after his mothers deadth he decided to move on with his life and not be a werewolf. He said he'd go canada ,we were all happy for him. I hadn't heard from him ever since. I picked up the call to answer.

He said that he knew the whereabouts of my mate. I asked him how and he said that his new alpha had kidnapped my mate. I asked him ' why are you telling me this. ".

He said ' for old times sake and for friendship and all support I had bestoned upon him. He told me the location of the dungeons and pack house. He said he'd be keeping the security low. I thanked him for this information and support.

I informed all the pack members to leave at 6 tommorrow.

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